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V2X First Ambassador Program

V2X First Ambassador Program

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Do you agree with V2X’s mission to replace centralized entities to establish a Decentralized Financial Hub for synthetic products?
Become one of the first V2 Ambassadors to join the movement.

As a V2X Ambassador

You are the critical figure to drive the growth of V2X. This the list of contributions you can make:

Educate & Onboard

  • Writing and publishing articles about V2X (ex: guidelines, new updates, etc)
  • Creating educational contents such as ‘How to Use V2X’


  • Publishing contents about the structure and features of V2X
  • Analyzing the differentiation of V2X compared to other perp DEXs


  • Holding events for V2X community on social media such as Twitter or Discord
  • Partnership events with other communities to make synergies

Please consider that the above is just an example for contribution.
V2 plans to give recognitions for all kinds of activities as long as they catalyze the growth of the community.

Benefits for Ambassadors

  • Ambassador role in Discord channel
  • Co-marketing and promotion with V2X
  • Special referral code (details will be announced soon)
    - Customized referral codes
    - Higher yield rates from fee distribution
  • Early access to exclusive features before official launch
  • Access to Ambassador Group Channel with V2X team
  • V2X token airdrops for active Ambassadors

How to apply

V2 will delegate from candidates who applied via this Google form.
Please understand that seats are limited for maintaining a quality Ambassador pool.

Program Timeline

  • Application Deadline: January 9th, 2023 ~ January 25th, 2023
  • Announcement Date: January 30th, 2023

V2 will send out further guidelines for those who are selected as an ambassador. 



V2X is launching its first Ambassador program. Their goal is to create a better ecosystem and sustainable blueprint for DeFi’s future. V2X believes the Ambassador Program is a crucial step towards accomplishing the goal. It’s open for anyone willing to be part of the journey with V2X.

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9 Jan 2023 18:48(UTC+3) - 26 Jan 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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