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UnUniFi Community Program

UnUniFi Community Program

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The community program consists out of two tracks:

  • Community rewards: help UnUniFi to grow the ecosystem and get rewarded for your contributions.
  • Ambassador program: become an official Ambassador for the UnUniFi ecosystem. Only apply when you fit the criteria.

How to contribute

  • Create an account on GitHub.
  • Look at the tasks.
  • Submit your contribution. Read here how!
  • After your contribution has been verified, you can see the result in this spreadsheet.

Community rewards

Transparency is strongly built in the UnUniFi’s vision and culture. That’s why this program is based on Github because it’s fully transparent for everyone to see. Everything will be logged on Github.

Submit your contributions


How to Log a Completed Task

  1. Go to Issues  - github page.
  2. Create an issue with Task ID. Oonly accept contributions linked to a task are accepted.
  3. Add your details or links in the issue description. NOTE: do not forget to mention your UnUniFi wallet address and Discord handle with your submission.

The team will evaluate all the issues logged there, and the council assigns points. You can follow the progress in this spreadsheet.


Please do not spam others’ communities. Be positive, insightful, but not controversial.

A1 | Write blog posts about UnUniFi. Translations can be done by official Ambassadors or any translations for which an Official Ambassador is the reviewer.

A2 | Creating interesting memes. Creating interesting memes about UnUniFi. You can tweet it and tag @ununifi

A3 | Create a video about UnUniFi.

A4 | Organize a meetup about UnUniFi. e.g., Zoom meeting, AMA.

A5 | Social engagement. Invite people to follow Twitter, Discord. Log your work with the following details on Github: 1. Share the post link or message link of your invitation. 2. Describe the community and its reachable audience size. *Please do not SPAM people. Be informative, friendly, and helpful.

A6 | Tutorial / Step-by-step guides to help developers and community.

A7 | Freestyle, be creative and show your skills.

A8 | Discord Server Boost

C1 | Feedback(※please check here

Example for a task submission



It’s very important to educate yourself about the UnUniFi ecosystem. These resources can be very helpful to make you an UnUniFier:


Every month 40,000 GUU Token from the community pool will be used as rewards. And these rewards will be distributed amongst the Ambassadors and community members based on their contributions on Github. The amount of distributed GUU will be posted at the end of each month after mainnet launch.


The team has created 10 categories and each category has a point range. Based on different parameters you receive points. Your rewards and how it’s calculated will be shared in your contribution on Github.

Categories and point range:

A1 | 1~30

A2 | 1~3

A3 | 1~30

A4 | 1~30

A5 | 1~30

A6 | 1~30

A7 | 1~no limit

A8 | 1

C1 | 0~30

Ambassador Program


  • Good understanding of UnUniFi vision, features and latest developments.
  • Experience with community engagement on social media (Discord, meetups).
  • Engaged in the community.
  • Committed to helping UnUniFi ecosystem become a community owned blockchain.


  • Foster and grow a strong community in your respective region.
  • Be transparent about your contributions and tasks (add tasks to Hubspot).
  • Translation of articles into your native language.
  • Organization of meetups for the local community.
  • Attend events and conferences on behalf of the team.
  • Attend monthly Ambassador call + one-on-one meeting every quarter.


  • Be a part of the builders program committee and help to grow the ecosystem
  • Build a reputation (and maybe even your future career) for yourself
  • Work along side notable people / projects in this space
  • Attend local event and conferences that are sponsored by the team
  • Hangout with the team


Candidate -> Ambassador

Everyone starts off as a candidate. When your application is approved you will become an apprentice ambassador for one quarter. As time progresses, the team will evaluate your progress, commitment and performance to determine if you are ready to take on more responsibility as a fully fledged ambassador. Eventually you will be promoted to a senior ambassador. Your role will also be reflected accordingly in the official Discord channels.


  • early supports of the program.
  • your area of expertise.
  • your experience with community management.
  • your commitment to the program.
  • the impact of your existing and future contributions to the ecosystem.
  • transparency in the nature of your work and contributions.
  • your ability to work with other candidates, ambassadors and community members.
  • your efforts in growing an active community that wants to see UnUniFi succeed.
  • your referrer and your future referrals.




UnUniFi is a community-driven project, and it needs you to help grow its ecosystem. UnUniFi has created an open community program where every community member can join and support the ecosystem. You can collect points and receive rewards if your contributions are valid. It’s also an ideal way to educate yourself about UnUniFi and the Cosmos ecosystem.

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