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UniLend Ecosystem Grant Program

UniLend Ecosystem Grant Program

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The UniLend ecosystem will start catapulting ahead as team hurdle forward into a new phase of growth. Now that team have passed Certik audit and optimized protocol’s UI, team can focus more heavily on the road ahead. $1,000,000 ecosystem grant program! This move will open the doors to new and unimagined adoption. The aim is to accelerate projects and the overall UniLend ecosystem by assisting them to:

  • Build new use cases for the UniLend platform & ecosystem
  • Create cutting edge uses for gas-efficient flash loans product
  • Construct state-of-the-art lending and borrowing features for flagship product
  • Develop relations for establishing further integrations to ultimately bring more liquidity to the UniLend ecosystem
  • Bridge new paths to assist UniLend in further expanding to other ecosystems, thereby making UniLend a more robust, multi-chain protocol

Applying for new grant program is simple with very few eligibility criteria, meaning nearly anyone can apply. Team hope to create a frictionless approach to take things to the next level. With many years of experience under belts, the UniLend team will effortlessly push things into motion.

If you have an idea or think you can add value to ecosystem, please take the time to apply as soon as possible.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/JjBdy5nqkWJns3t28

Further Growth Strategies

They say, “it takes money to make money”, so team is ready to kick things off in an extravagant way. In addition to the $1,000,000 grant program, team will be launching several other growth strategies for quickly growing ecosystem.


The team also wants to establish Gitcoin grants to create new avenues for top-talent developers to get paid for assisting in bringing UniLend to fruition. Furthermore, UniLend will start funding many virtual hackathons each year many regional hackthons and global hackthons. These hackathons will give opportunities for up-and-coming students to establish themselves within the crypto scene.

Moreover, team will empower ambassador program, the Legion, to institute regional community outreach. Additionally, Legion will deploy several large-scale events to further facilitate DeFi’s true potential. In this case, team will also reward ambassadors for their efforts.


Flash Loan Acceleration

You may have seen a recent tweet from UniLend’s Co-founder and CEO, Chandresh Aharwar, which stated that, “many great teams are building amazing use cases around the UniLend flash loans product.” The progress on this front is astounding, and team have plans to further accelerate the adoption of game-changing gas-efficient solution.

Unilend will fund and spearhead flash loans in the areas of:

  • Tech support
  • Marketing
  • Strategic guidance
  • Investor Connections

To the various amazing projects developing new use cases around flash loans product: you’re not alone in this because UniLend has your back! Together we can accomplish great things for your respective projects, the UniLend ecosystem, and the DeFi movement as a whole.



UniLend will establish a $1,000,000 ecosystem grant program to accelerate adoption of flash loans on multiple chains.

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from 12 May 2021 18:00(UTC+3)



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