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Unblocked has introduced the Unblocked Ambassadors, a new initiative that rewards the most passionate users for showing their love for Unblocked. Participate in fun activities, events, and quests that help spread the word about the project and earn the ultimate rewards and recognition in return.

What does it mean to be an Unblocked Ambassador?

  1. Exclusive Access: As part of the elite few, you’ll receive early unfettered access to new drops, merchandise, and perks that are not available to the general public
  2. Growth Opportunities: Unblocked excited to give you a pathway for personal and professional growth, where you’ll get to interact with incredible people like yourself and develop important skills that’ll help take you to the next level.
  3. A Tight-Knit Community: Through the Ambassador program, you will have the opportunity to establish new relationships with fellow Ambassadors, obtain unparalleled access to the team, provide feedback, and directly contribute to creating a community that surpasses all others.
  4. Fun Times Ahead: There will be an element of fun for the Ambassadors. It’s fundamental to create a positive experience and engaging moments for the community.

How does it work?

  • Participate In Ambassador Quests: Quests are a set of challenges that require completing different activities. As you complete Quests, you’ll unlock new rewards, perks, and tiers.
  • Engage In The Community: Share your newest Cub3rick on Twitter, play the latest Red Carpet Quest, and connect with people in the Unblocked Discord – all are different ways of waving your Unblocked flag loud and proud.
  • Attend Unblocked Events: You can join an Unblocked event as a participant or as a co-host (more on this later). You’ll have the opportunity to connect live with the community as well as the Unblocked team in a meaningful way.
  • Refer Followers, Friends, and Family: the team wants Unblocked to be the place where people become shared owners in their communities. This means inviting more of your personal communities to enjoy and participate in something greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Give Feedback: Unblocked is only in the early stages. Unblocked is looking to its Ambassadors to provide feedback as the project releases new features, content, and products.

Complete Quests. Earn Rewards.

  • Badges: Earn badges as you complete series of Quests and accumulate XP
  • Collectibles: Use your badges and L00T to redeem for exclusive digital collectibles from Unblocked
  • L00T: Earn L00T when you complete specific Quests and burn it in Challenges on Unblocked Exchange to access special rewards
  • Future Rewards: Unblocked is exploring new ways to bring utility to the community, ranging from custom one-of-a-kind avatar collectibles to physical rewards to affiliate commissions, and more.



Unblocked Ambassadors are individuals, builders, creators who are passionate about contributing to the advancement of Unblocked and our community. Engage in fun quests and events to build the future of Unblocked while earning rewards and gaining early access to product features, drops, and perks.

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from 1 Dec 2023 19:30(UTC+3)



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