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Tusima successfully launched the Tusima Testnet.

The project welcomes you to join the Tusima community and participate in the development of Tusima. You can always bring your ideas and work with the team to continuously improve and develop Tusima. Together you can build great privacy finance applications around Tusima. 

When you complete the test, you will be rewarded a TusimaDAO SBT(Soulbound Token) as the only proof that you contribute to the Tusima community and you can get access to future benefits and rights. One more thing, don’t forget to submit your feedback on the Discord channel after your test.


Tusima is a Layer2 controllable privacy financial network based on ZK-Rollup. Integrating zero-knowledge proof, iterative proof and homomorphic encryption technology, Tusima performs controllable data privacy functions on the chain and it also supports multi-chain interoperability, protects the privacy of sensitive data for DeFi users and builds a high TPS scalable financial network. It aims to build the infrastructure of controllable privacy finance in the era of Web 3.0.

What problems does Tusima solve?

  • Privacy of on-chain identity and transaction data
  • Privacy function with controlled access
  • Efficient and low-cost rollup transactions, while having the security of the Ethereum mainnet level
  • ZK-based censorship solution to ensure the legitimacy of Tusima’s Layer 2 network asset sources

Testnet supports the following features:

  1. Deposit from Layer1 to Tusima Privacy Layer2 Network
  2. Privacy transfer between accounts in the Tusima Layer2 network
  3. Withdraw assets from the Tusima Privacy Layer2 network back to the Layer1 wallet
  4. Encrypt and decrypt privacy transactions and view plaintext transaction data in the Tusima Privacy Block Explorer
  5. Receive test contribution certificate TusimaDAO SBT

Create a Tusima account

Before creating an account you will need to install Google Chrome and add the Metamask extension and add the Ethereum Goerli testnet. If you have already done this, please continue, if not, please click here.

Open the Tusima testnet, click on ‘Metamask’ to connect to the wallet and make a signature request. (More wallets are being supported…)

Set your Tusima account password and click ‘Enter’ to save it. (Note: The password format is 8~20 letters and numbers, case sensitive, please keep your password properly, if you lose it, you will lose your Tusima Layer2 account and it cannot be recovered)

Re-enter the password you just set for account verification and click ‘Unlock’ to access the Tusima Layer2 network.

Congrats! You have now successfully completed your Tusima account registration!

Claim test tokens

  • Claim Goerli Network gas tokens.

Here is the address to receive Goerli network gas tokens: choose one of them and follow the webpage instructions to get a certain number of Goerli network gas tokens.

Faucet 1 (a website collection, including many faucet websites)

Faucet 2

Faucet 3

  • Claim Layer1 test tokens
  • Make sure your wallet is connected to Tusima before claiming, click ‘Faucet’
  • Click on “Claim” and confirm the transaction in the Metamask pop-up
  • Once the transaction is completed, you can view the test tokens you claimed in your wallet, which are 100 each of wETH, TSM, USDT, USDC, and wBNB.
  • If the wallet does not show the token, click the button to add the corresponding token on the tap page and follow the prompts to add it.

Deposit to Tusima Network

  • After claiming the test token, click ‘Wallet’ for deposit, privacy transfer and withdrawal operations.
  • Note: Deposit to Tusima Network means to deposit the test token from Goerli Network to Tusima Layer2 Network
  • Click the “Deposit” button to enter the deposit page
  • Enter the number of deposits to be made, click ‘Approve’ for authorization (if there is no authorization of this token will prompt first for authorization, authorization is also to initiate a transaction, direct confirmation of the transaction can be, wait for the successful authorization, the Deposit button will appear, click to make a deposit)
  • Click ‘Deposit’ to initiate a Layer1 deposit transaction confirmation
  • After the Layer1 deposit transaction is successful, it will be automatically submitted to Tusima Layer2 Network, at this time, you need to wait for about 1 minute, you can choose to return to the wallet page and wait.
  • The deposit is successful, your asset amount increases, and the deposit transaction record is displayed.

Make a privacy transfer at Tusima

  • Tusima Network supports users to make private transfers in their wallets.
  • The recipient address of the private transfer must be registered on Tusima Network, otherwise, the transfer will fail.
  • Click the “Send” button on the home page of your wallet to enter the privacy transfer page.
  • Enter the number of tokens and fill in the recipient address (it must be the address of a registered and activated Tusima account)
  • Initiate a private transfer and sign to authorize it in the Metamask wallet pop-up.
  • The transaction is submitted to Tusima Network, waiting for the transaction to be confirmed, because it uses the user’s local encryption and the node’s cryptographic operation takes about 1 minute for this process.
  • The privacy transfer was successful, the asset amount changed, and the Send transaction record was shown.

Withdraw assets back to Layer1

  • Withdrawal means transferring the user’s token from Tusima Network to the target Layer1 wallet address.
  • Currently, only withdrawals to the Layer1 address corresponding to the user’s Tusima account are supported.
  • The first step is for Tusima Network to burn the number of tokens withdrawn by the user, and the second step is for the user to claim their own token to their Layer1 wallet address.
  • Click the ‘Withdraw’ button to enter the Withdraw page
  • Enter the number of tokens to be withdrawn and confirm the transaction.
  • In the Metamask pop-up window, sign to authorize Tusima Network to perform the burning operation (because the user’s local encryption and node’s cryptographic operations take time to perform this process. You will need to wait for about 1 minute), and then wait for the claiming.
  • After the first step is completed, the second step of the Claim operation will automatically pop up for the user to confirm the transaction of claiming their token, the user confirms the transaction and waits for the token to arrive.
  • Once the user completes the first step of Tusima Network withdrawal, the amount of Tusima account assets has changed and the Withdraw transaction record shows.

Decrypt my ciphertext transactions in Explorer

  • Ensure successful connection to the wallet and view the ciphertext transactions before decrypting them. There are two ways to view ciphertext transactions.

Way 1: Check in the Tusima Wallet page. Click on the wallet transaction history to go to the transaction details.

Way 2: View in Tusima Explorer/home/My Transaction

  • Decryption to view plaintext: decryption requires wallet signature authorization, after successful authorization, your computer will automatically decrypt transaction records from ciphertext to plaintext.
  • Decrypted records
  • Post-decryption transaction details
  • Download Transaction History
  • Download plaintext transaction records to your computer

Claim your TusimaDAO SBT

  • TusimaDAO SBT (TSBT) is a universal credential issued acknowledging a member’s community contribution by TusimaDAO, and only community members who have contributed to TusimaDAO are eligible to receive it. Currently, it is supported to claim your own exclusive TSBT after completing the specified testing tasks.
  • Enter the ‘TDAO SBT’ to see if you are eligible to claim
  • Complete the specified task before you can claim it (the task needs time to update the status, you can wait for a little after completing the task)
  • Claim your own TSBT

If you encounter any problems in testing, come to the Discord chat with the team at any time.

More events to celebrate the launch of Tusima Testnet

There will be many events and rewards for Testnet participants. The prize pool is up to 5,000 USDT.




Tusima announced that Tusima Testnet is live since September, 30.

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