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Tusima is a cross-chain privacy financial network based on zk-rollups. It achieves true private transactions and multi-chain communication. Webelieve that financial networks that enable privacy transactions and cross-chain allow for better integration of traditional finance and decentralizedfinance and inject new vitality into the real-world financial industry. Join the community and start building a better future of privacy finance togethernow!Become a Tusima Ambassador, start evangelizing transaction privacy and earn rewards.

Why become an ambassador?

  • You will help build the privacy finance network.
  • You will become a memberof the Tusima community, a part of a larger community of privacy enthusiasts, and a key contributor to Tusima Foundation and the ecosystem.
  • Complete tasks in the community and earn rewards. Besides, the team will announce Top 3 Global Ambassadors every quarter.If you are one of them, you will get more rewards.
  • Get a head start on product discussions and design for the financial network. Participate in product testing and directly provide feedback to community developers.

Who can be a Tusima Ambassador

  • A privacy enthusiast, a leader, an influencer, or an expert.
  • A person who is passionate about blockchain transactions, but expects personal privacy to be protected.
  • A student interested in blockchain and willing to gain practical knowledge about the cryptocurrency market and blockchain positions.
  • A community leader with the ability to promote Tusima among their networks.
  • A marketing expert or content creator who enjoys creating content putting forward different views and has strong communication skills.
  • Actually, you can be a Tusima Ambassador even if you don’t know a thing about crypto. Apply and tell why you care about Tusima.

What does Tusima expect from an Ambassador?

Responsibilities of a Tusima Ambassador include but are not limited to:

  1. Promotion of the Tusima network through meet-ups and AMAs. Such events can be both technical and non-technical, meaning everyone can attend.
  2. Spreading the word about Tusima events and announcements.
  3. Holding of regular AMAs and meet-ups to bring new members to the Tusima community.
  4. Partnering with local groups, foundations, startup incubators, and universities to co-host events.
  5. Creation of attractive content. As the Tusima community grows: translate blog posts, documents, and other content into multiple languages. (particularly interested in Russian, Turkish, Korean, German, and Spanish)
  6. Helping manage online communities in various languages and on various channels (Discord, TikTok, Telegram) to go global.
  7. Becoming a beta tester for the Tusima network.
  8. Taking charge of training and organization of small hackathons.
  9. Inviting local speakers, holding interviews, inviting professors to spread the Tusima knowledge in college lectures.
  10. Completion of one-off tasks such as blog post translation, creation of cool gifts and virtual stickers, helping build the website, etc. Of course, there is a plenty of rewards to be earned.




Help build a better privacy financial network and get rewarded.

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