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Torus have 6 different roles with different benefits:

  • Supporter role 
  • Contributor role 
  • Advocate role 
  • Expert role 
  • Leader role 
  • Legend role

Introducing the Legend Role, the pinnacle of recognition within the Torus Discord server. As a Legend, you gain exclusive benefits, including eligibility for Torus Airdrops, participation in the Torus Ambassador program, leadership opportunities in the Torus Regional team, access to Torus educational grants, and the ability to apply for ecosystem jobs.

Earning the Legend Role is straightforward.

Simply join Torus Discord server and embark on your journey. Accumulate points by actively participating in the community, engaging with tweets, competing in Rumble, and joining Galxe and Taskon campaigns.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something legendary. Join today and start your journey towards becoming a Torus Legend.

  • Supporter - 10 points 
  • Contributor - 30 points
  • Advocate - 80 points 
  • Expert - 350 points 
  • Leader - 800 points
  • Legend - 2 best leaders everyone will be selected to become legends 

Benefits of each role

Supporter - 10 points 

  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • You can also get this role by inviting 5 friends

Contributor - 30 points

  • All the benefits of the Supporter Role.
  • Eligible to participate in weekly games.
  • Eligible to participate in Rumble 
  • You can also get this role by inviting 10 friends

Advocate - 80 points 

  • All the benefits of the Contributor Role.
  • Eligible to join giveaways or social contests.
  • Access to more tweets 
  • Invitation to special online events 
  • You can also get this role by inviting 35 friends

Expert - 350 points

  • All the benefits of the Advocate Role.
  • Possible invitation to offline events.
  • Eligible to apply for the Torus Ambassador Program.

Leader - 800 points

  • All the benefits of the Expert Role.
  • Hidden perks and rewards.
  • Community NFT with special utility.
  • Special recognition by the team.

Legend - Achieved by the top 2 leaders based on exceptional contributions, no fixed points

  • All the benefits of the Leader Role.
  • Eligible to apply for a community job.
  • Eligible to apply as a regional community lead.
  • Hidden rewards and perks.
  • Future merchandise.
  • Eligible to apply for an educational Grant 

Ways to earn points include

There are various ways to accrue points within the system:

  • Active Participation in Conversations: You'll receive 0.25 points per message in a minute for actively engaging in community chats.
  • Twitter Interaction: Upon fulfilling tasks on Twitter, you'll earn 5 points per task completed. 2 points for like , 2 points for comments and 1 points for retweet 
  • Participation in Twitter Space: Joining Torus Twitter Space will grant you 10 points.
  • Joining special campaign you can earn 20-50 points 
  • Blackjack Gaming: Engaging in blackjack - a gamble where you can either double your points or face the risk of losing them.
  • Points can be exchanged for roles in the Torus Marketplace

Note: the roles are sequential which means to buy contributor role you must have the  supporter role - to buy advocate role you must have the contributor role 




Join the Torus Role campaign and become part of its community.

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