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Week 2 will work on similar lines as Week 1 with 5 pools of different pairs of tokens, each with a maturity of 7 days.

Users will be able to use the TS-USDC (same spot price of USDC) to lend/borrow as well as swap across the following assets —TS-MATIC, TS-AVAX, TS-ETH.

There will be a swap service on the UI where users can swap between the various test tokens. These tokens will be exchanged at the corresponding market price which is being pulled in via an API.

Level 2 pool:


In case you’re new here, check out the Guide for the Gamified Tesnet for more details and tips here.

How to Participate in Level 2

All users, including those who participated in Level 1 as well as those joining for the first time in Level 2, will have to go through the whitelisting process here.

Additionally, since users joining week 2 for the first time will only have one week to play with, Timeswap point system will make sure to level the playing field so everyone is in with the chance to go for gold at the end.

The Point System

Timeswap point system is designed to reward users according to their accumulated profits as well as an additional boost for being contributors in our community via NFT leaderboard or Gamified Testnet Strategy doc bounty.

For Level 1

Total points to be allocated across top 30 = 10,000

Individual Points = ( Individual Profit / Total Profits of Top 30 ) * 10,000

According to the above calculations, Timeswap will be declaring Top 30 for Level 1 before week 2 closes.

For Level 2

Total Points to be allocated across top 20= 20,000

Individual Points = ( Individual Profit / Total Profits of Top 20 ) * 20,000

According to the above calculations, we will be declaring Timeswap Top 20 for Level 2 within a few days of closure of Level-2.

Timeswap has allocated higher points in Level-2 in order to level the playing field for all users who joined us after Level-1.

NFT Booster

For Timeswap community participants who are in the Top 50 of Timeswap NFT Leaderboard (check Timeswap discord #nft-leaderboard channel), Timeswap will be rewarding them with a total of 3,000 booster points based on their total score [Level-1+Level-2].

  • Top 10: Additional 3% Boost on the total score
  • 11–20: Additional 2% Boost on the total score
  • 21–30: Additional 1% Boost on the total score
  • 31–50: Additional 0.5% Boost on the total score

Strategy Bounty Booster

The top-3 entries of Timeswap Gamified Testnet Strategy bounty competition will be sharing 500 additional points for their contribution in helping other community members learn and perform better for week-2.

Final Score Calculation

The final score will calculated as follows:

Total Score = [Level-1+ Level-2] x NFT Booster* + Strategy Bounty*

*only for eligible participants

The top-10 after the above calculation will eligible for winning rewards up to $15,000 worth of  TIME tokens at the same valuation as Timeswap previous investment round. More details available in this post.


The rules for the Gamefied Testnet Level-2 are given below:

  • One user is allowed to participate through one wallet only. Users found with multiple wallet addresses will be disqualified from participating.
  • Any transfer of tokens found between the whitelisted addresses will render those addresses disqualified from the game. Tokens include TS-USDC, TS-AVAX, TS-MATIC, TS-ETH & pools’ Native Tokens: Bond, Insurance, and CDT (NFT) tokens.
  • Any inbound transfer of tokens from external wallets is prohibited.
  • Any suspicious Discord activity will lead to disqualification.
  • Timeswap’s team decision will be final and binding.

Home Stretch!

At the end of Level-2, Timeswap will have Top 10 Super Degens with the maximum profits with only one taking away the first spot.

Remember what’s at stake here. Along with a Time Traveler NFT for all of the top 10, the winner gets $3,500 worth of TIME tokens, while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-10th ranked participants win $2,500, $2,000, and $1,000 worth of TIME tokens respectively. All at the same valuation as Timeswap previous investment round.



After the incredible Level-1, Timeswap are moving to Level-2 of the Timeswap Gamified Testnet with new pools with new tokens and lots of exciting rewards to be made.

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