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Juno Network: The Moneta Hacks

Juno Network: The Moneta Hacks

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1,150,000 JUNO

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Hard, Low Risks

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Via the Oct 1st genesis a total of 2.3 Million $JUNO ie $ 28,000,000 were allocated to JunoHacks. A total of 1.15 Million JUNO is going to the Moneta Hacks currently valued at $14,000,000.

The Moneta Hacks are split into 4 stages

Each stage will last 180 days:

  1. Stage 1 Q1 + Q2 2022 (180 days)……..287,000 JUNO
  2. Stage 2 Q3+Q4 2022 (180 days)………287,000 JUNO
  3. Stage 3 Q1+Q2 2023 (180 days)………287,000 JUNO
  4. Stage 4 Q3+Q4 2023 (180 days)………287,000 JUNO

Developers/Projects/Innovators can jump into any stage at any time and qualify for incentives. The largest point allocation ie. Juno allocation for each stage will go to dapps/contracts that provide long-term value to the Juno ecosystem and are completely open sourced.

Dapp/Contract categories that need to be covered for the #Moneta Hacks:

  1. Interchain Contracts/usecases (Very high priority): Driving value to the cosmos ecosystem as a whole and bringing value back to Juno via IBC focussed contracts. Deployed on Juno, but are specifically designed to interact with contracts/dapps on other SDK based networks in the cosmos ecosysstem.
  2. Decentralized Finance — Defi (Very high priority): AMM/DEX, Lending/Borrowing, Derivatives/Super Fluid Staking etc.
  3. Non Fungible Tokens (High priority): Marketplaces, Inter NFT applications & inter-nft standard improvements.
  4. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations — DAOs (Very high priority): Check out DAO DAO and help contribute https://discord.gg/6dqkZy8n
  5. Gaming/Gamification (High priority)
  6. Privacy (High priority): Privacy preserving protocols on Juno (Example: https://scramble.cash/)
  7. Community Expansion (High priority): Organic ways to expand the Juno community. This includes Medium articles, Seminars, Forum discussions, Workshops, Educational Youtube videos, Artwork and more.
  8. Tooling (High Priority): UI for interacting with smart contracts. UI for uploading smart contracts

How to get started with the Moneta Hacks?

  • Engage with fellow innovators via https://discord.gg/juno (Look for the JunoHack sub channel or Dev Lounge).
  • Put your plan in place or execute on your existing idea. If you need help finding additional contributors, the Juno Discord is a great place to recruit fellow developers/Innovators to join your project.

How to earn points?

Write smart contracts. The most points will be given to individuals or teams that create useful Smart Contracts.

Submission / Scoring Process

  1. Work on your projects / ideas
  2. Fill out the Nomination form
  3. Judges will determine the final score based on usefulness of the contribution to the Juno ecosystem
  4. Rewards will be allocated according to score

Judges will include the Juno Development Committee and some notable individuals from the Cosmos Ecosystem. Judges are not eligible to receive Moneta Hack rewards.


  • If someone builds something useful or helpful to you, nominiate them!
  • If you’re nominated, keep building! It will help earn you the best score from the judges.
  • Feel free to comment on nominations, but be sure to keep things positive.








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The Moneta Hacks are the largest incentivised smart contract challenges in the world. Kickoff will be the completion of the Juno-1 main-net upgrade to Moneta-1 in the coming weeks. Finally developers from across the world may deploy smart contracts onto the permission-less interoperable smart contract base layer called Juno.

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6 Nov 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 31 Dec 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate (Event started, Registration open)