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The Lamina1 Testnet

The Lamina1 Testnet

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In this phase, the project invites you to join testing the base functionality of the Lamina1 blockchain platform, which is based on the Avalanche codebase. Moving forward, Lamina1 plans to release new functionality on a regular cadence of 2–3 weeks, while incentivizing the community to test each release through weekly challenges (more on that via a follow-up from the moderators soon). By metering out functionality in this way, the team hopes the platform will be more approachable to those that are new to the Web3 space and that it will possible to incorporate your feedback directly into the development process.

Focusing on today’s launch, there are a few ways to begin using the Testnet. First, Lamina1 encourages everyone who isn’t already on the Discord server to join. From there, head to new TESTNET update channels, where the Lamina1 dev team and moderators will be online to help share documentation, troubleshoot problems, answer questions, and give out challenges throughout the week. This will also be the best place to provide feedback on your experience and suggestions for improvements or feature development.

The second stop is new Testnet Hub at Throughout Testnet, the Hub will have links to the latest documentation and tools as the team releases them.

For now, you’ll find:

  • The Web Wallet which will allow you to set up and use your first Lamina1 wallet to interact with the Lamina1 blockchain
  • The Faucet which will give you free L1 Testnet tokens on a daily basis
  • Documentation on all of the officially supported functionality as it is released

The platform is technically capable of full Avalanche functionality at the moment, but the team is still developing and testing some of the more advanced features, such as launching custom Subnets and EVM development. Advanced developers are welcome to dive into some of this functionality, with the understanding that they may run into bugs until the “officiall” support of these features.

The next release in a few weeks will be official support for EVM development on the primary C-chain, but the team is also working on some unique Lamina1 functionality to follow soon after, including the Unity SDK which will allow creators to easily incorporate features of the Lamina1 Testnet into their Unity projects.

For now, Lamina1 encourages everyone to participate in the first challenge, get up to speed on the basics of the Web Wallet and architecture of the platform, and join these first steps of building out the Open Metaverse.





Lamina1 has announced that the first phase of the Lamina1 Testnet is now live to the public.

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