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Handle Fi TGE Super Boost PIE #8

Handle Fi TGE Super Boost PIE #8

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Reward pool

240,000 FOREX


Expected profit

10,000 - 60,000 FOREX


Max participants

No limit

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Easy, Low Risks

About Handle.fi

An introduction to handle.fi protocol rewards

Rewarding ecosystem participants for accretive actions is a critical component for any protocol design.

Tto that end, the handle.fi protocol contains a range of incentives intended to drive fxToken creation, liquidity and exchange, and ongoing ecosystem stability.

Rewards will be distributed to users through the ecosystem token; $FOREX.

  • Initially, protocol rewards will be distributed to participants for:
  • staking collateral and minting fx-Tokens.
  • liquidity provision on external trading pools.
  • fxKeeper pool stakers.
  • governance pool participation.
  • platform accretive actions via PIEs.
  • protocol referral rewards program.

Event details

PIE is an acronym for Protocol Incentive Experiment. they are a range of activities designed to advance the needs of protocol at the different stages of development. users can participate in these PIEs, adding value to the project and being rewarded at the same time. read more here.

All PIE contributors will be automatically whitelisted, if other TGE participants wish to join the whitelist they need to complete the form here.

Boost 1. 3 randomly drawn PIE #4 participants* will be eligible for 60,000 FOREX each.

Boost 2. 2 randomly drawn PIE #1,2,5,6,7 participants* will be eligible for 20,000 FOREX each.

Boost 3. 2 randomly drawn whitelisted participants** will be eligible for up to 10,000 FOREX each.


*approved PIE contributions from 23rd Aug 2021 only. (PIE #4 full scores only eligible for Boost 1.)

** completion of whitelist form or any PIE contributions pre 23rd Aug 2021. each participant can only win once. min TGE contribution 0.2 ETH.

The TGE whitelist form can be accessed here

Vesting terms:

20% claimable following TGE completion, balance claimable across following 4 months.

To celebrate their TGE, and reward new and existing community troopers Handle.fi  have launched a whole range of community rewards. They supercharged existing Protocol Incentive Rewards, or PIEs and added even more rewards for helping the community grow and participate.

  1. PIE #1 - retweet community content to earn FOREX
  2. PIE #2 - create handle memes to help grow community awareness
  3. PIE #3 - support the handle troop by adding (42,🦍) and win 8400 FOREX JACKPOT
  4. PIE #4 - produce rich content to explain and inform
  5. PIE #5 - refer new members to discord community.
  6. PIE #6 - engage in community conversation and support.
  7. PIE #7 - exchange tokens using handle convert and earn FOREX rebates
  8. PIE #8 - 240,000 FOREX TGE SUPER BOOST for all above and new community members
  9. PIE #9 - post TGE airdrop for handle TGE participants and defi supporters in general in addition to the PIEs there's also,


A super TGE FOREX rewards allocation. Whitelisted TGE participants will be eligible to win bonus FOREX in our PIE#8 - TGE rewards boost.

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from 3 Sep 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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