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Ten Protocol Incentivized Testnet

Ten Protocol Incentivized Testnet

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Ten is inviting individuals to be a pivotal part of the Ten community by contributing to testing the network’s reliability, operations, and performance through:

  • Builders creating new and integrating existing dApps to detect potential bugs in the development and deployment process, including compatibility with existing Ethereum frameworks, libraries, and tools
  • Participants engaging in platform activities to uncover potential bugs and user experience issues during platform use and expansion and
  • Node operators managing nodes to identify potential bugs and user experience issues related to node operations and the network’s decentralization on a larger scale.

Ten has allocated 22,500,000 TEN (2.25% of the total token supply) to reward community participants for their active efforts and contributions to the incentivized testnet.

Achieving high performance for the Ten network necessitates efficiently managed and healthy nodes. As a result, node operators are incentivized to maintain the health and security of the network by staking TEN. Node operators are compensated for their effort and hosting costs through rewards paid in ETH. A delegated staking model expands this model to community-based node operators.

As a dApp user, TEN tokens provide the opportunity to enrich dApp experiences, for example, unlocking dashboards and data analytics and receiving enhanced performance. Conversely, node operators get rewarded in TEN for providing these requests.

The future for key decisions around establishing, maintaining and updating standards, policies, and procedures for participating in and using the Ten network–essentially, the network’s governance–emphasizes strong community involvement. The Ten network must remain free from control by any commercial entity. Instead, its governance should prioritize transparency for participants, ensuring a fair and stable structure. The Ten governance model will enable community members, builders, node operators, and TEN holders to be involved and understand how decisions are made. This inclusive approach seeks to foster optimal decisions and outcomes, contributing to the long-term success of the Ten network and promoting wider adoption.

Ten Testnet Details
Program Phases 1, 2, 3
Participation Criteria Developers, users, and node operators - see below
Participation Limit Unlimited for users, limits on developers and node operators - see below
Enrollment Deadline None for users. 1-March-2024 for developers and node operators.
Timeline 6 months
Allocated Rewards 22,500,000 TEN (2.25% of total token supply)
Testnet FAQ Ten Incentivized Testnet FAQ

Phase 1:

  • Developers onboarded (up to 20 individuals or teams)
  • User quests focused on network resilience, bug hunting, and user experience (unlimited users)

Phase 2:

  • Node operations setup and further decentralization (up to 250 participants)
  • Testing reward mechanisms, delegations, and upgrades through additional quests (unlimited users)

Phase 3:

  • Focus on testing new dApps deployed on the network to further battle-test the network through quests (unlimited users)
  • Security-focused battle testing (up to 20 participants)


Ten has allocated 22,500,000 TEN (2.25% of the total token supply) for community participants.

Performance-based rewards

For users - allocated rewards will be based on the completion of quests and their position on the leaderboard on the Galxe platform.

For developers - allocated rewards will be based on the quality of the idea (if not using one of the suggested ideas) and execution of the implementation of the dApp.

For node operators - the top 10% of nodes based on performance and uptime will receive the highest reward. The best performers in this group will receive a reward equivalent to at least the stake required to run a mainnet node and will be invited to participate in the mainnet first.

Participation-based rewards

All users who participate in quests will receive an amount of tokens regardless of whether all quests are completed. The size of token rewards will be determined upon the conclusion of the testnet campaign and will be distributed by the number of points participants have earned by participating in quests during the program. The number of points awarded is not the same for each quest and instead reflects the complexity of the tasks in the quest.

All node operators will be expected to have participated by running or attempting to run, a node. The 20% of node operators who did not make the top 10% will receive a reward.

Planned allocation

  • 0.10% to node operators
  • 2.15% to users, developers, and other contributors

Additional Information

  • All approved developer participants will be contacted via email.
  • Further updates for all users will be communicated through the Ten Discord testnet channel. Participants are expected to monitor this channel and the contact information they provide to be notified of program updates.
  • Technical documentation can be found on Ten’s official documentation site. Additional docs will be added throughout the testnet and beyond.
  • All rewards will be distributed to approved and eligible participants after Ten’s mainnet launch and subject to the final vesting schedule described in the tokenomics paper.


Each testnet phase will last approximately 6-8 weeks, followed by a break of several weeks between subsequent phases.

The anticipated duration for the complete incentivized testnet operation is 6 months.

This schedule is subject to change as testnet progresses at the sole discretion of Ten. Once the Ten Foundation is established, it will take responsibility for decisions on the testnet schedule.


For users:

  • You must own a device with a basic internet connection and will need to complete on-chain transactions on the Ten testnet and Ethereum Sepolia testnet.
  • Own a non-custodial Ethereum wallet connected to the Ten platform via Metamask during testnet participation.
  • You can begin performing quests immediately on Ten’s partner platform (Galxe).

For developers:

  • Your application will be prioritized depending on the use case, commitment, and experience. Ten will email selected participants details on beginning development, receiving support, and being eligible for rewards.
  • Applying to build one of the ideas listed on the dApp ideas page will result in a higher chance of being selected and bonus rewards.
  • You must apply before 1-March-2024. Participants may be selected on a rolling basis as the testnet progresses.

For node operators:

  • Your application will be prioritized depending on commitment and experience running node architecture for other projects. Ten will email selected participants with details on how to begin operating a node, receive support, and be eligible for rewards.
  • You must apply before 1-March-2024. Participants may be selected on a rolling basis as the testnet progresses.

Certain jurisdictional limitations apply (i.e., users must be non-U.S./Canada and OFAC-compliant), as outlined by Ten’s Terms and Conditions and here. Participation is only available where permitted by applicable law.

About Ten

Ten is an encrypted Layer 2 built on Ethereum. 

  • The only encrypted Layer 2: Ten allows a whole new world of dApps to be built in Web3, from RWA to on-chain games, to new forms of DeFi, and institutional use cases. Through encryption, Ten massively opens up the design space, allowing any Web2 application to be ported to Web3.
  • No changes to the UX or DX: Despite being an encrypted Layer 2, there are no changes to the user experience. It feels exactly like Ethereum. Developers can build entirely in Solidity while accessing all of the EVM. All existing tools, frameworks, and libraries work out of the box by adding powerful new features, like having private and public states in the same dApp and access to secure random numbers without needing oracles.
  • Solving all Layer 2 problems: Ten is the only network to have solved the decentralized sequencer problem and fast bridges while being encrypted. In addition, cheap and lightning-fast transactions provide a Web2-like experience.



Ten Protocol has announced its Incentivized Testnet. During the testnet you have an opportunity to earn TEN tokens by helping battle-harden the only encrypted Layer 2 for Ethereum. Shape the future of Web3 in collaboration with CoinList and get a chance to earn from a pool of 22,500,000 TEN tokens as User, Developer, or Node Runner.

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