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As a web3 project, Talent Protocol is rooted in the belief that openness and transparency are better for the world. That's why it is fully open-source, building in public, and on its way to become a DAO. Explore more about on the Talent Protocol Wiki.

This is a collection of bounties that community members can apply for to contribute.

  • Rewards are, as of now, being solved on a case-by-case basis but will all be in TAL (+ Private Beta access in some cases).
  • New bounties are constantly being added.
  • Each bounty consists of a problem, what needs to be done, a description how success looks like, and a reward.

Discord screener

Problem: Discord screener is no bueno

Talent Protocol are lacking a good screener when people enter the Discord server. And are looking for something that will clarify the server rules and create a logical entry port for user verification.

Task: Create an adequate screener a user sees when joining the server for the first time.

Success: A screener that guides new users to the most relevant channels.

Channel structure

Problem: There are too many channels on the server and their function is not clear enough.

Task: Suggest a suitable channel structure and write a description to be added to each channel.


  • Channel: General

Function: Talking about anything Talent Protocol-related

Description: In this channel, you can talk about anything that is related to Talent Protocol.

  • Channel: Gm-enjoyers

Function: People can greet each other (outsource spam to this channel)

Description: In this channel, you can greet each other: Hi, Hello, Gm, Gn,and everything else belongs here!

Success: There are only relevant channels left, each with its own description, a clear function, and an incentive to participate.

Discord FAQs

Problem: Talent Protocol Discord is lacking FAQs to questions that keep popping up such as “wen token” “wen Alpha” “wen ambassador program.”

Task: Browse through the servers, collect the most relevant questions, and compile an FAQ specifically for Discord. You can also come up with a few more FAQ that you anticipate will get asked in the future like “wen channel in language X”

Success: There is an extra channel with a well-written and clear FAQ for users (that is constantly updated).

Community call summaries

Problem: Talent Protocol have a community call recording but need a transcript as a TLDR version of that, which they can keep as an evergreen piece of content for newbies to discover.


  • Compile a transcript of the AMA part of the call (comes after the Beta Demo). Follow this structure: twitter.com/cmsintern/
  • Questions were unfortunately not read out aloud (sorry for that), so you have to dig them up in the General channel on Discord.
  • This can be a recurring task for the next calls as well.

Success: A comprehensive TLDR version of our first CC and a person that will do all future transcriptions as well.

Improve Discord onboarding

Problem: Talent Protocol Discord onboarding doesn’t educate new members. When someone joins the Discord, they should at least have the chance to learn about Talent Protocol. Ideally, they would have to know something about Talent Protocol to join the server. Talent Protocol  lack a good “introduction quest” to make users aware of their educational materials.


  • Join the Bankless Discord server and pay close attention to their “intro quest.” Recreate this for Talent Protocol.
  • This is a bigger task, so please reach out to icrus#7035 to sync with what exactly is needed for implementation.

Success: New users complete their “Talent quest” when entering the channel and can familiarize themselves with relevant materials

from the protocol along the way.

Community call POAP system

Problem: Record community call attendance and participation. When people show up to community calls, they should get rewarded. Even better would be to reward those that are active and not just being there for the sake of it.


  • Set up a system where community members receive a POAP (proof of attendance) for attending community calls.
  • Suggest how you can avoid having this system gamed by people just showing up to get the POAP. There should be a mechanism how community members have to show they’re present in the call (something like “type + at the beginning, middle and end of the call”)

Success: Users attending community calls get rewarded for their presence and engagement and the most engaged participants are  identified that way.

Talent Protocol Pepe memes

Problem: lack of REAL CRYPTO MEMES. Protocols with real crypto credibility all have extremely strong meme game. By that Pepe memes is meant. Talent Protocol lacks these.


  • Create custom Pepes that are branded in the Talent Protocol colors and exhibit the Talent Protocol spirit (cooperation, building, learning). You can be as creative as you want but many memes will probably show more than one Pepe because Talent Protocol emphasizes collective success.
  • You can go to https://discord.gg/dopex and access their channels Meme-kit and Meme-kit2 for inspiration. Many of these could also simply be recolored in Talent Protocol colors to make the work more efficient.
  • Please reach out to #icrus7035 for more details on what is needed. Also: only Pepe memes are required. NO OTHER MEMES!

Success: Talent Protocol has its own (official or unofficial) Pepe master that supplies the social channels with unique Pepes to raise the protocol’s meme game to a new level.

Discord XP structure

Problem: Rewarding valuable contributors in the Discord channel

  • Some servers have an XP system for messages. For now, Talent Protocol are not rewarding contributions in the channel, an XP system would be a good start.
  • Ideally, this XP system will be granular, so longer messages will be worth more. Also, say someone posts 10 messages in a row, the system should only count one (there should be some sort of slow mode). Also, messages from some channels (contribution) should count for more than from others (gm channel).


  • Pick a suitable bot (Dyno or Carl or smth else) and set this up technically.
  • This is a bigger task, so reach out to #icrus for details on what exactly is required.

Success: The server has a working XP system that will promote users to relevant roles (roles TBD).




​​​​​​​Talent Protocol is a web3 platform where talent can easily launch a social token to accelerate their career, and where supporters can back people they believe in.

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