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Talent Protocol Ambassador Program

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There are 4 big levels of commitment within the community. When members contribute to the project, they level-up to unlock perks, gain access to new channels and special privileges.

How to get involved?

  1. Apply here. Show your skills and motivation.
  2. Participate in Discord & Twitter. Engage in conversation with the rest of the community, create content and share it on socials, attend Community Calls and AMAs to get exclusive benefits & opportunities.
  3. Give product feedback often and propose new features, ideas or partnerships.
  4. Invite new users to Talent Protocol, using your personal invite code.

Benefits & Reward Tiers


  • Monthly compensation in TAL and USDC based on your contributions (and you’re eligible to apply to paid bounties).
  • Priority access to Talent House in 2023 (free flights and accommodation).
  • Priority access to career mentorship and other growth opportunities.
  • Access to limited-edition Talent Protocol swag.
  • Possibility to be hired as a part-time contractor in the future.

Reward Tiers & KPIs

Completing 2/5 KPIs in certain tier allows you to get monthly rewards:

  • Minimum KPIs → 1,000 TAL

    🥉 1,000 TAL* Monthly KPI
    1 Retweet & amplify Talent Protocol social posts regularly  
    Share content and announcements across social channels    
    (Twitter, Lens, Youtube, Telegram, TikTok, Mirror, Medium…) ≥ 6 posts mentioning TP  
    2 Engaging in community discussion and answering questions on a weekly basis on Discord ≥ 20 messages in public channels
    3 Participate in product activities (such as Talent Mates, .tal, etc.) proofs of participation
    4 Refer Talents to Talent Protocol, using your personal invite code. ≥ 4 valid users
    5 Share product and community feedback/review regularly (at least monthly) ≥ 1 feedback/review/suggestion

    *If members don’t actively contribute at this level they won’t receive their monthly TAL token allocation.


  • Medium KPIs 2,500 TAL + 100 USDC

    🥈 2,500 TAL Tokens + 100 USDC Monthly KPI
    1 Create short-form content (e.g. tweet threads, reddit posts, short blog posts, simple graphics, TikToks, Instagram stories) regularly ≥ 5 good quality content/designs
    2 Engaging in community discussion and answering questions on a daily basis on Discord ≥ 40 messages in public channels
    3 Run contest, quizz, or other community activity ≥ 1 community activity
    4 Propose collaborations with other web3 projects that can bring exposure in social media and/or exclusive benefits for our community at least 1 valid collaboration
    5* Contributing with developing FAQs and documentation related to the product ≥ 2 reviewed/updated guides

    *List is not exhaustive and additional contributions will be taken into account


  • Most desired KPIs → 5,000 TAL + 200 USDC

    🥇 5,000 TAL + 200 USDC Monthly KPI
    1 Create long-form content in written (e.g. blogs, newsletter), graphic (e.g. infographics, informative memes), and/or audio and video (e.g. explainer videos, TikTok videos, shorts, podcasts) formats. ≥ 3 high quality content/designs
    2 Connect us with startups/organizations that might be a good fit with the https://www.notion.so/Sponsorship-Packages-0b2be5c4a7ae4db887439ce31415f125. (You will get a Sales Commission in USDC) at least 1 valid lead
    3 Drive user campaigns to Talent Protocol and refer Talents in large quantity ≥ 20 valid users
    4 Host virtual or IRL small local events (e.g. regional AMAs, quizzes) sponsored by TP at least 1 event held
    5* Contribute and comment on bounties (USDC reward) at least 1 bounty completed

    *List is not exhaustive and additional contributions will be taken into account

Contribution Tracking

Once you become an Ambassador, your contribution and the appropriate reward will be evaluated on a monthly basis.

  1. At the end of every month Ambassadors will input links to social posts they’ve shared, content and other contributions on ambassadors’s Notion page.
  2. This page is reviewed by Guild Leads and Ambassadors are rewarded based on their contributions.
  3. If members fail to contribute across 2 consecutive months, ambassadorship may be revoked.

Topic examples you can use for your content

“Talent Protocol - The professional community for high-potential builders.”

Note: please note that these are just examples of content you can make. You can add your own ideas, too!

Explanatory posts

  • How is Talent Protocol different than LinkedIn?
  • How is the Talent Protocol ecosystem developing?
  • Why is Talent Protocol a perfect environment for humble builders?
  • What are Talent Protocol Mission, Vision and Values?
  • What activities does Talent Protocol have?
  • What problems does Talent Protocol solve?
  • Suggest upgrades to users on how to have a better TP profile
  • Technology used behind (ex Polygon and Celo as blockchain)

Call to action posts

  • Invite people to register and launch their own Talent Token.
  • Invite people to join Discord.
  • Invite people to join the Ambassadors .
  • Invite people to join Twitter spaces w/ Talent Protocol.
  • Invest in users on Talent Protocol
  • Invite people to mint their Talent Mates: Community Avatars

Connecting with other projects that could leverage Talent Protocol infrastructure and build on top

The project is looking for organisations who want to sponsor the community and help bring to them exciting opportunities. Learn more here: Sponsorship Packages.

Media Kit & Brand Guide

Materials featured on this page are brand-approved and aimed to be used in any media when mentioning Talent Protocol. If you have any doubts about using any of the assets, feel reach out to the team on Discord or at [email protected].

If you don't know how to use Figma templates, please watch this video.




The Talent Protocol Ambassador Program is reserved for Talent Protocol verified users that not only want to use the platform, but also want to help build and improve it.

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