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Taiko Alpha-1 Testnet

Taiko Alpha-1 Testnet

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What is in this testnet:

  • Open to all developers to deploy smart contracts. As Taiko aims to be a type-1 ZK-EVM (Ethereum-equivalent), you can use all the Ethereum/solidity tooling you know and love.
  • Open to all users who want to use it and play around with some transactions.
  • Open to all interested parties to run an L2 node, including as a proposer! Taiko will be running some nodes and proposing blocks, and we hope you will join us.
  • The L1 environment is a private Ethereum PoA fork that Taiko runs (testnet L1).
  • Faucet for requesting ETH and a sample ERC20 token on Taiko testnet L2 and L1.
  • Bridge to move assets between testnet L2 and L1.
  • Block explorers to view assets and activity on testnet L2 and L1.

What is not in this testnet

  • Ability to become a prover. You cannot extend your node into a prover.
  • Validity proofs. There will be no ZKPs generated in this testnet release.
  • Pre-deployed dapps. Bridging between L2 and L1 and transferring ETH or ERC20 to friends are the only supported user actions out-of-the-box. Any developer can deploy their smart contract or dapp, though, making it available to all users.

Get involved

Once more, here is the testnet guide where you can find documentation and links to all relevant apps/tools for testnet usage:

Alpha-1 Testnet Guide | Taiko


Besides deploying, using, and running, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved and help Taiko improve. Some of these include:

  • Provide feedback on any bugs or friction you come across, or anything you find may be helpful.

  • Create tutorials or other content that can help developers and users get started.

Taiko also wants to commemorate this moment on Snæfellsjökull with all of you. As a result, Taiko will be minting a POAP for all users of the testnet prior to January 31st 23:59 UTC. Any user with a bridging transaction + one other type of transaction (transfer, dapp tx) will receive one. They will be issued in the month of February.




Taiko has announced its first public testnet open. It is open to all developers to deploy contracts on, all users to test out, and all willing participants to run an L2 node and propose blocks.

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until 1 Feb 2023 03:00(UTC+3)



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