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Taho Subspace Open Beta

Taho Subspace Open Beta

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Subscape is a web3 map control game linked directly to Taho governance.

It brings together some of Taho favorite things—the Curve Wars, Settlers of Catan, r/place, MMORPGs,  Fortnite-style progression systems, and OG cyberpunk thought—into a brand new coordination game for web3.

How it works

Playing Subscape = governing Taho.

Playing Subscape = extremely fun.

Subscape is the asymmetric game of settling a mysterious Island on the Net and competing for emissions.

It’s a place where communities can compete for engagement, allegiance, and $$$; where individual users can play the field of opportunities available; where crypto’s meta can play out visually in real-time.

For  mechanism aficionados, here’s an in-depth review of the competitive and cooperative dynamics: Subscape Mechanism Design


Subscape’s Island contains 24 Realms (subDAOs). Nomads (users) may become Citizens of a Realm (stakers) and complete its Quests to earn experience (XP). Four times a year, emissions flow to all active Realms on the Island, who in turn distribute it to their Citizens.

  • The larger a Realm (measured by stake), the greater its share of emissions
  • The more XP a Citizen has earned from their Realm, the more emissions they can claim

Subscape is all on-chain and will launch on Arbitrum One.

The intent is that as web3’s communities, protocols, and subcultures populate the ‘scape, engage its mechanisms, and play the game, will  be co-created:

  • A living map of web3
  • A forum for communities and users to get closer together
  • The first community-driven implementation of two important gaming concepts (overworldprogression system)
  • A form of governance that is actually fun

Subscape + Taho Wallet

If the Island is your overworld for web3, then your trusty Taho wallet is your HUD. Post-Beta, Taho will be updated to help you track your active quests and alert you to key Subscape events (sieges, XP drops, etc.). Your daily and weekly farming, minting, and trading activities will be woven into the larger metagame of ruling the 'scape.


The Beta

This is a crucial period for testing incentive designs and user interface/user experience (UI/UX). The beta will simulate the many gameplay dynamics from the full version, but on a limited scale. For example, there are 24 possible Realms in Subscape, but only 5 in the beta.

Beta gameplay

Here are the (asymmetric) objectives for beta participants:

  • Nomads - Each beta participant’s goal is to stack XP and rank as high as possible in their Realm’s leaderboard.
  • Realms - Each Realm’s goal is to grow as big as possible by attracting Citizens.

πŸ•΅οΈ Beta Nomads—As a beta participant, your job is simple: decide which Realm you want to join and then complete its quests Realm to earn as much XP as possible. Keep in mind:

  • Join the Realm that rewards you for behaviors you actually want to do
  • The fewer participants there are in your Realm, the more XP you’ll earn
  • The more testnet TAHO you stake, the more XP you’ll earn

πŸ•΅οΈ Beta Realms—For Beta Realms, the goal is to attract as many stakers as possible—both by wooing Taho users and by engaging their existing community.

Beta initial Realms and quests are:

  • Galxe Realm (🌌, πŸ—ΊοΈrepresents the largest web3 credential community that is helping projects and developers to build robust decentralized products. Earn oat, NFTs, and tokens by contributing to your favorite web3 communities.
    • Quest: earn $XP by claiming Galxe quest OATs.
  • Arbitrum DAO Realm (πŸ’™, πŸ—ΊοΈ) is a community-driven governance mechanism that allows ARB token holders to propose and vote on changes to the organization and the technologies it governs.
    • Quest: earn XP for executing unique contract interactions on Arbitrum.
  • Frax Realm (¤πŸ—ΊοΈ) is a community that aims to establish a scalable, digital currency with a flexible supply, backed algorithmically and by collateral.
    • Quest: earn XP by claiming bribes on votemarket—the higher the better.
  • Cyberconnect Realm (βœ–οΈ, πŸ—ΊοΈ) is a social ecosystem that goes beyond likes and shares. They encourage developers to create social applications where users have complete control over their digital identity, content, and connections spend gas using CyberWallet.
    • Quest: earn XP by spending gas using your CyberWallet.
  • Gitcoin Realm (πŸŸ’πŸ—ΊοΈis a community that focuses on incentivizing and supporting open-source development. Gitcoin aims to foster collaboration and sustainability within the open-source ecosystem by providing a marketplace for matching developers with projects and funding opportunitie and rewards for their contributions.

Why Participate in the Beta?

Your feedback will help determine the shape of Subscape's full version.

But that’s not all...All participants who make meaningful contributions throughout the beta will receive rewards unlocking future benefits. Pay attention on X and in Discord for additional methods to win weekly  prizes.

  • Founders Legacy NFT: Everyone who participates by earning XP for at least two weeks per month during the beta will receive a commemorative NFT that unlocks a perk at launch.
  • XP Champions Enigma Box: The top 10 users in each realm (50 in total), who have earned the most XP will receive Mystery Boxes that unlocks a further bonus.


  • Sovereign's Laurels Trophy: The Realm with the highest redeemed TAHO and population will be awarded a physical trophy and exclusive benefits for their entire community, plus the prestige and bragging rights of being the top Realm.

How to check if you’re eligible

Starting on October 24th, testnet TAHO will be airdropped to all wallets eligible for beta access. To check if you are eligible for Taho Beta access, follow these steps:

  1. If you don't have it already, download the Taho Wallet extension from the Google Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/taho/eajafomhmkipbjmfmhebemolkcicgfmd
  2. Make sure that you are using the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet network. This will allow you to receive testnet TAHO.
  3. Open the Taho Wallet extension. If you are eligible for the Beta, you will see a banner that says "You're eligible for the Beta."


 NOTE: Taho rolling out the airdrops gradually on October 24th. If you don’t see TAHO immediately in your wallet, check back later in the day.

Join the waitlist and Discord channel to receive regular updates on how you can gain access in Taho limited drops over the upcoming weeks.




Taho has launched the beta for Subscape, web3’s first play-to-govern experience. Over the 6 weeks, you can join it and playtest Subscape alongside other friends at Gitcoin, Arbitrum DAO, Galxe, Frax, and Cyberconnect and earn weekly prizes.

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