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Syscoin Ambassador Program

Syscoin Ambassador Program

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An Ambassador is someone who is trail-blazing the growth of the global Syscoin ecosystem. The goal of Syscoin is to bring blockchain to the people in an inclusive way that builds community, educates and does good for the world.

Syscoin has a number of roles, bounties and tasks for ambassadors to complete and earn SYS rewards. There are also different levels of involvement for you to help play your part.

Who is it for

  • Community Builders: Ambassadors spread Syscoin in their location or country. Set up meets, moderate social media rooms, and share ideas on how to improve and grow the Syscoin community.
  • Content Creators: Spread the story of Syscoin through videos, podcasts or any other medium.
  • Moderators/Admins: Help to keep the conversation going. Syscoin needs moderators/admins who can interact with users to ensure a good experience for all.
  • Translators: Make Syscoin more accessible to all by breaking through language barriers! Being truly global means reaching all parts of the world and all types of languages.
  • Humanitarianism and Charity: Do you know who is in need of help? Syscoin is always looking to benefit the needy and provide relief to devastated or underprivileged areas worldwide. Be a liaison that plays a big role in making the world a better place to live.


Being an ambassador is not a full-time job, but there is a broad range of SYS rewards outlined for different types of contributors. Syscoin goal is to create opportunities for those with a genuine desire to foster the Syscoin brand and ecosystem. Over everything, the goal of this community is to bring people together and do good inside and outside of the ecosystem.

Current Opportunities

In the coming month Syscoin will have a dedicated page for ambassadors on In the meantime, here are some bounty reward opportunities where you can earn SYS.

  • Ambassador of the Month: Every month the team will select 1 community member that exemplifies what being an ambassador is all about. Passionate, proactive and helpful, among other things. The Ambassador of the month will receive — 3,000 SYS, swag, and a feature article about them on the Syscoin ambassadors blog that is shared within the Syscoin community.
  • AMAs in foreign channels - 100 – 1,000 SYS
  • Blogs on Rollux/Syscoin architecture - up to 500 SYS. Languages needed: Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Mandarin, French, and more.
  • Youtube video translation - up to 1,000 SYS
  • Local event - up to 3,000 SYS.




The Syscoin core team is announcing the start of the Syscoin Ambassador program, that is focused on humanitarian efforts, education, community and ecosystem growth. The program has been bootstrapped by the core team and improved over the last several months. The goal now is to expand Syscoin’s presence across the world in a more intimate and dynamic way.

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Community leaders


29 Jun 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 6 Aug 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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every month

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