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Swell Aquanauts Ambassador Program

Swell Aquanauts Ambassador Program

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Down in the depths of the Swell Discord there is a community of DeFi enthusiasts known as the Aquanauts.

If you're ready to dive deep, you can join this community and use your skills to help grow the Swell ecosystem. In return, you’ll be rewarded for your creativity.

To get you started on your journey, here are the details of the community roles.

Aquanaut roles 

There are currently three different ranked roles for active community members: 

  1. Diver  
  2. Navigator   
  3. Submariner 

And two honorary roles granted to esteemed community members:

  • Aura Bulls
  • OGs


Unlimited numbers

Anyone with the will to dive can get their diver certification. Simply join an AMA and quote retweet a specified tweet using a phrase given at the end of the AMA. Then post your tweet in the diver-submissions  channel.


Capped at 100 community members

To be eligible for a Navigator role, you'll need to tweet memes or Swell art on Twitter, and then post your creations in the navigator-submissions channel on Discord.


Capped at 50 community members 

To be eligible for a Submariner role, you'll need to create long-form content about Swell. This could be infographics, reports, blog posts, Twitter threads, or anything else that shows deep research. 

Once finished, you must post your content in the submariner-submissions channel on Discord. Bear in mind that only top-tier content creators will be awarded the Submariner role!

Honorary roles

Aura Bulls 

Aura frens.vlAURA holders will be eligible for this role. If you are part of the Aura Finance community and are locking your AURA, you will be given this role on connecting wallet to Guild. 


Swell earliest community members will be eligible for this role. That includes Aquanauts who:

  • staked in the Guarded Launch last year and hold swNFTs or swETH.
  • donated to Swell on Gitcoin.

Diving Guidelines 

  • Aquanaut membership is managed through Discord and Guild.xyz.
  • Anyone can become an Aquanaut —  there are no special educational qualifications or experience required. 
  • There is no restriction on the number of roles you can take on. For example, you could be a Diver, Submariner, and an OG.
  • Admission to each role will be determined at the discretion of Swell Core Contributors.
  • All Aquanauts must follow Swell on Twitter and join Discord.
  • All content produced must be original work and not plagiarized. Anyone who plagiarizes material may be disqualified.

How to join

Tasks to earn Diver, Submariner, and Navigator roles will be given following each Community AMA, and the roles will be allocated by the team at the end of every submission period. 

Community AMAs take place on a weekly basis at a range of times to accommodate Aquanauts all around the world.




Join the Aquanauts: Swell Discord Ambassador Program and get rewarded for using your skills to help grow the ecosystem.

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