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Sui Ambassador Program

Sui Ambassador Program

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Sui Ambassadors are individuals that recognize the potential of Sui’s technology and are passionate about helping others understand its value.

What to Expect as a Sui Ambassador

As a Sui Ambassador, you will be a public-facing Sui community representative. You can choose your own path for how to contribute. Of particular value to our community would be:

  • Crafting articles, guides, and blog posts
  • Hosting Sui community events and meetups
  • Giving presentations and speeches
  • Educating and amplifying through social media
  • Helping out with community management
  • Designing infographics
  • Creating videos
  • Engaging in other creative efforts to empower and educate the community

What You Get as a Sui Ambassador

Ambassadors receive a number of perks as participants in this program. These include:

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Invitations to events and potential travel opportunities
  • Work closely with the Foundation team members
  • Priority access to Foundation activities
  • Exclusive swag
  • Discord role + badge
  • ...and more



The Sui Foundation announced the launch of the Sui Ambassador Program. This program offers stand-out community members the opportunity to receive support and resources from the Foundation to assist with their promotion of Sui. Ideal ambassadors are passionate about Sui and the community and who want to engage even more deeply than they already have.

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