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Sui unveiled the Sui Ambassador Program, a key initiative towards building a global community around this groundbreaking technology.

This program empowers passionate individuals who believe in Sui’s mission and are eager to spread awareness within their communities and audiences. Sui ambassadors embody the network's values and accelerate adoption through strategic and impactful actions. The project provides opportunities for the most enthusiastic community members to play a pivotal role in driving the success of the Sui community.

Choosing your path

At launch, the Ambassador Program offers two distinct tracks. Sui encourages applicants to choose the track that aligns best with their unique skills and strengths.

Content Creator

Are you driven by a passion for creating impactful content and sparking vibrant discussions on major social platforms? Join the project in shaping the narrative and spreading the word about Sui's innovative ecosystem. For those ready to embark on this journey, possessing the following skills will help set you apart:

  • Content creation
    • Possess the craft of producing diverse, high-quality content across various formats, including written, visual, and video. Your content should reflect Sui’s vision as well as resonate with a wide audience.
    • Using your unique creative flair, independently shape content that both leverages and showcases Sui's innovative ecosystem.
  • Engagement and advocacy
    • Excel in creating engaging content that sparks meaningful conversations and interactions across multiple platforms.
    • Represent Sui with sophistication and assuredness, embodying Sui core values within your content.
    • Embrace opportunities to represent Sui at virtual events.
  • Personal growth
    • Exhibit a proactive and growth-oriented mindset, continually seeking opportunities to advance both your skills and understanding of Sui’s ecosystem.
    • Aim to elevate your personal brand in parallel with Sui’s growth, fostering a symbiotic relationship that benefits both your individual journey and the collective mission

As a Content Creator, Sui looks forward to seeing:

  • Regular content production: Craft and publish content consistently, adhering to a regular cadence. This includes a diverse mix of formats, ensuring your message resonates across different platforms and reaches a broad audience.
  • Event promotion: Actively promote and highlight key Sui events and announcements.
  • Community engagement: Engage with and support content from fellow ambassadors as well as the wider Sui community.
  • Initiative leadership: Lead by example in community initiatives, inspiring and motivating others to participate.

Experience with the Sui ecosystem is certainly a plus, but not a requirement. 

Local Community Leader

Are you passionate about organizing events, building vibrant local communities, and bringing Sui's vision to life in your region? You can be a catalyst for Sui’s growth in your city, planting the seed of Sui’s vision and nurturing its development as a local leader.

If organizing events, leading community initiatives, and being the local face of Sui in your area excites you, then this is the perfect fit for you. Embrace the chance to be the face and voice of Sui in your community, further connecting and growing the global Sui community. To excel in this role, Sui is looking for skills such as:

  • Event organization expertise
    • Have a strong background in planning and executing events, harnessing your creativity and organizational skills to bring Sui's vision to life in your area.
    • Leverage your deep understanding of the local market and existing networks within the Web3, finance, or development communities within your region.
  • Community leadership and digital engagement
    • Demonstrate exceptional leadership in fostering vibrant regional communities, both through impactful in-person events and active participation in Sui’s regional channels on Discord and Telegram.
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Exhibit excellent communication skills, effectively conveying Sui's message in a way that resonates locally.
  • Be a vocal advocate for Sui, engaging and educating your community about Sui vision and values.

As a Local Community Leader, Sui looks forward to seeing:

  • Consistent event organization: Host at least one engaging Sui event in your community each month, fostering a strong Sui presence.
  • Digital community management: Actively manage and maintain your region’s presence in Discord and/or Telegram channels, ensuring vibrant and continuous engagement.
  • Community engagement: Regularly engage with your community to promote Sui’s initiatives, enhancing community cohesion and boosting event participation.
  • Support for Sui initiatives: Actively contribute to both local and global Sui initiatives as they evolve, playing a key role in their development and success.

Experience with the Sui ecosystem is certainly a plus, but not a requirement. 

Why join the Sui Ambassador program?

Becoming a Sui Ambassador places you in a pivotal role where you'll actively shape and elevate Sui community. You’ll have the unique opportunity to represent Sui’s innovative vision in diverse and dynamic environments.

  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Invitations to events and potential travel opportunities
  • Work closely with the Foundation team members
  • Priority access to Foundation activities
  • Exclusive swag
  • Discord role and badge
  • Monthly SUI rewards
  • ...and more

How to join the program

Eager to be a part of Sui's growth? Apply now by filling out the Sui Ambassador application form

Please note that the initial application window will be closed on 11:59PM PST, February 25th, 2024. Sui will contact selected candidates by the end of February. 




With the launch of the Sui Ambassador Program, Sui Network charting a new course in its mission to connect and empower global communities.

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