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Sugarverse Ambassador Program

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Sugarverse is all about community empowerment. Sugarverse community members are the driving force behind its success.  Thus Sugarverse has introduced its brand-new Ambassador Program.

Be Part of Something Bigger

The mission is clear — to revolutionize the gaming industry using the power of Web3 technology. And you can be part of this transformation! By becoming a Sugarverse Ambassador, you get to:

  • Expand your Web3 knowledge alongside industry professionals.
  • Receive personal job references from the Community Lead (for top performers).
  • Earn CNDY Tokens (CNDY) as you contribute.
  • Receive an exclusive Sugarverse Ambassador Certificate upon program completion.
  • Showcase your skills and potentially secure a full-time position with Sugarverse.

Ready to Embark on this Adventure?

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Complete the registration form for consideration: Registration Form
  2. Wait for our confirmation email.
  3. Once accepted, you’ll receive an invite to share within your network.
  4. Earn rewards for every new member who joins Sugarverse through you.

Choose Your Role and Contribute Your Way

Select a role that resonates with your skills and interests:

  • Designer: Create visually stunning artwork and designs that align with Sugarverse’s branding.
  • Videographer: Craft engaging videos based on project updates and information.
  • Moderator: Foster meaningful discussions and manage community channels.
  • Content Writer: Craft compelling articles, blogs, and narratives that captivate our audience.
  • Meme Creator: Generate fun and relevant memes to boost project visibility.
  • Translator / Language Moderator: Bridge language barriers by translating documents and communications.
  • Tweet Content Creator: Craft and share attention-grabbing tweets about Sugarverse.
  • Ambassador Trainer: Mentor and train new Ambassadors, sharing your knowledge.
  • Telegram Engager: Actively participate on Telegram, invite friends, and spread the word about Sugarverse.
  • Engagement Specialist: Promote Sugarverse in various communities and share valuable insights.
  • Researcher and Data Analyst: Gather essential data to drive our growth.

Earning rewards with Sugarverse is simple and fun. Check out the points structure:

  • Infographics / Memes: 5–20 points
  • Quoted Tweets / Tweet threads: 5–10 points
  • Articles / Translated documents: 20–50 points
  • Moderators / Language moderators: Points allocated based on your contributions
  • Engagement specialist: 20–100 points
  • Ambassador Referrals: 15 points per referral
  • Other: 20–100 points (for tasks not listed)

Note: KYC (Know Your Customer) may be required for security purposes.




Sugarverse welcomes you to the Sugarverse Ambassador Program. Join in, help the project shape the future of Web3 gaming, and earn CNDY rewards.

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