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SubQuery New Spartan Program

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In August, SubQuery launched its Ambassador program to find community leaders passionate about Polkadot and SubQuery. The goal was to find self-starters that could spread the word about SubQuery in their local areas and provide support to new developers building amazing apps and services on Polkadot.

In the last few months SubQuery team has been completely overwhelmed by thousands and thousands of applications, and the initial plans to manually onboard applicants has become challenging.

After consultation with the existing Ambassadors SubQuery have designed a new, and transparent method to level up in the Discord community and potentially become an Ambassador.

Today, SubQuery are pleased to announce the creation of the SubQuery Spartan Programme. The Spartan Program exists entirely within the Discord community, where aspiring Ambassadors can complete monthly tasks and competitions in order to earn the Spartan tag. The Spartans who then rise to the top of their class will be recommended by the existing Ambassadors to the SubQuery team to join their ranks.

In addition to the potential of becoming an Ambassador, Discord members with the Spartan role will be afforded special perks and rights within the SubQuery community.

Levels that can be obtained by engaging with the SubQuery Discord.

Each level unlocks new perks on the Discord server and there is even a chance to receive other bonuses if you reach the Senior or Expert levels!

  1. Trainee | Required Level: 1 - Can view channels, send messages, post media in the technical-support and memes channel, read message history, connect to voice channels, and speak in voice chats.
  2. Junior | Required Level: 3 - Everything a Trainee can do but also create invites, use public threads, add reactions to messages, use commands and request to speak in Stage channels.
  3. Mid-Level | Required Level: 6 - Everything a Junior can do but also embed Links in messages, post media in all channels, use private threads, change their nickname for the server, and use video in voice channels.
  4. Senior | Required Level: 18 - Everything a Mid-Level can do but also view the sever audit log, view server insights, use emojis from external servers, use stickers from external servers, mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles, and use voice activity in voice channels.
  5. Expert | Required Level: 36 - Everything a Senior can do but also are given priority when speaking in voice channels, given the highest badge of honor in the SubQuery community, and other rewards.

To find out more about SubQuery Spartan programme and participate in November competition please join SubQuery Discord.

About SubQuery

SubQuery is a data aggregation layer that operates between the layer-1 blockchains (such as Moonriver and Polkadot) and DApps. This service unlocks blockchain data and transforms it to a queryable state so that it can be used in intuitive applications. It allows DApp developers to focus on their core use case and front-end, without needing to waste time on building a custom backend for data processing.


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SubQuery is introducing SubQuery Spartans! Due to overwhelming demand for SubQuery Ambassador program they've created a new way to level up in the Discord Community.

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31 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 31 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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