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With a substantial prize pool of 1,000,000 STRAX Tokens (StratisEVM) to be claimed, the launch of the Stratis Auroria Testnet is not just an ordinary launch but a celebration of Stratis embarking on its journey into StratisEVM.

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To celebrate this occasion, Stratis has leveraged the Galxe platform to create a campaign consisting of seven tasks to explore Stratis and get involved with the ecosystem. From interacting with the Masternode dApp, utilizing the Stratis Auroria Faucet, engaging with Stratis’ social media and joining the rapidly growing Discord Server, each quest offers an insight into the innovation and community spirit that drives Stratis.

This campaign is an open invitation for both seasoned blockchain experts and those new to the space to connect, engage and grow with Stratis.

Airdrops, Airdrops, Airdrops

In conjunction with the prize pool available to participants of the Galxe campaign, all participants who successfully complete the seven tasks will be eligible for a 500,000 STRAX airdrop on StratisEVM in May 2024.

No additional tasks are required to become eligible for the airdrop; simply complete all of the quests on the Galxe campaign and await the airdrop of new STRAX Tokens to your address in May 2024.

As part of this campaign, Stratis is also offering an opportunity to earn rewards through staking on the Stratis Auroria Testnet. Participants who stake for a minimum of one week will be eligible to a share of an additional pool of 500,000 STRAX tokens. This initiative is designed to further familiarize users how they can secure and optimize the mainnet at launch, highlighting the critical role community participation plays in the success and stability of the Stratis ecosystem. Similarily to the Galxe campaign, the airdrop to eligible participants will take place in May 2024 on the StratisEVM mainnet.

How do I take part?

Joining the celebration and seizing the opportunity to earn rewards is straightforward:

  1. Visit the Galxe Campaign: You can find the Stratis Auroria Testnet Launch Campaign here
  2. Engage with the Quests: From social media interactions, on-chain actions and Discord engagement, immerse yourself in the Stratis ecosystem.
  3. Earn rewards: Complete all quests to maximize your reward potential.

Why Engage with Stratis and the Auroria Testnet?

The Auroria Testnet represents Stratis’s vision for a scalable, secure, and innovative blockchain future. By joining the campaign and the Stratis community, you’re not just earning rewards; you’re becoming part of the movement that’s shaping the future of Stratis. The Stratis community is the foundation of its success, driving innovation and unlocking endless possibilities.

Connect, Engage and Achieve with Stratis

Stratis looks forward to welcoming you into its community, ready to explore the potential within the Stratis ecosystem together. Follow Stratis on social media, join the Discord server, and stay updated with the latest on the Auroria Testnet and beyond.

The STRAX token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s the fuel for the Stratis Platform. In celebration of the Stratis Auroria Testnet launch, Stratis is offering two campaigns offering participants a share of a 1,000,000 STRAX (StratisEVM) prize pool.

This blog will focus on what you need to do to be eligible for the Stratis Auroria Staking Campaign. The Stratis Auroria Staking Campaign is more than just a reward program, it’s designed to expand our community and familiarize users with our platform. Here’s what you can take away from participating in the campaign:

Understand the Testnet

The Auroria Testnet represents a sandbox environment where developers and users can experiment with Stratis blockchain features without risking real assets.

Set Up for Staking

To participate in the staking campaign, you’ll need to send STRAX to the Staking Deposit Contract and operate an execution node, a consensus node and a validator.

Active Participation

Staking isn’t just about holding tokens; it’s about actively participating in the network. Ensure your staking setup is online and operational to support the testnet, maximizing your chances to earn rewards.

Engage with the Community

The Stratis community is a vibrant ecosystem of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and innovators. Engaging with the Stratis community through social media(s) and the official Discord Server can enhance your experience and provide valuable insight into what’s to come for Stratis and its journey with StratisEVM.

Your Airdrop Checklist

Becoming eligible for the airdrop is easy; just follow the below steps:


  1. Visit
  2. Install the MetaMask Extension in your browser.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click Switch Network in the top-right corner – This will add the Stratis Auroria Testnet network to your MetaMask.
  5. Click the Request button to receive 25,001 tSTRAX Tokens.
  6. Head over to
  7. Progress through the steps to set up a validator and stake on the Stratis Auroria Testnet.
  8. Keep your Validator active for a minimum of 1 week to be eligible for the airdrop.

By completing the above steps, you will be eligible for the airdrop that is scheduled to take place in May 2024 on the StratisEVM Mainnet.



As Stratis continues to make strides in the blockchain realm, it now enters a new era with the launch of the Stratis Auroria Testnet. This significant milestone not only showcases Stratis’s commitment to establishing itself within the Ethereum ecosystem but also sets the stage for an expansive campaign designed to grow and reward members of the Stratis community.

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