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Sperax Network Testnet "V1 SMART"

Sperax Network Testnet "V1 SMART"

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Reward pool


equal in SPA

Expected profit

~ $60-3,000

5,000-250,000 SPA

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks

Event details

The goals are:

  • Test out Sperax’s completed testnet’s performance and security in real internet environment
  • Set-up and onboard a vast number of nodes and support the testnet, through collective knowledge-building and dynamic competitions

How to participate 

  • Download
  • Set up
  • Run the Sperax nodes locally
  • Stake and Mine
  • Follow the guideline here

If you previously thought running a node was too technical or expensive, this is a great opportunity to start go SMART with them sponsored by Sperax.

Participants earn SPA tokens for staking on testnet V1. Sperax will randomly distribute any amount of SPA tokens between 5,000–250,000 during the game (These SPA tokens are only valid in the testnet).

To receive the tokens, you must:

  1. Tweet about the Sperax testnet, share your experience running the node, and tag Sperax twitter account with the hashtag $SPA.
  2. Share your work with the Sperax Telegram community.
  3. Fill up and submit the form to request your SPAs. The deadline to request and claim the no-value tokens is December 25, 2020. Each address gets one chance to request.


You need to set up and run a Sperax testnet node to create your Sperax testnet address (the address of your newly-created account on the Sperax testnet blockchain). This address is different from your SPA ERC20 address, which is on Ethereum blockchain.

How team will distribute:

After launching the testnet, team will distribute the SPAs in the genesis block or the initial few blocks, then randomly generate the amount of SPAs to distribute to stakers under a parameter team set.


The most significant difference between Sperax testnet V1 and V2 is their staking reward mechanisms, aka the economic models — — how the newly minted/mined SPAs will be distributed among contributors (proposers and validators).

V1 adopts a simple model that distributes the newly minted SPAs to contributors proportional to the amount they stake for this block height respectively.

In V2, team will change it with the new one, the one team will eventually adopt for mainnet. Depending on mainnet progress, the other changes on V2 might include improvement on communication protocol’s implementation, optimization of two parameters in BDLS, optimization of the storage of BFT signatures, etc.



Sperax is launching SMART - an experimental and entertaining game for people to interact with the Sperax network and test the limitations of our technology while having fun


from 20 Dec 2020 12:00(UTC+3)



Event Status

You can participate (Event started, Registration open)