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SORAmbassadors work closely with the SORA team to raise awareness of SORA and represent the community. It is engaged users like you that make SORA a bold and trend-setting crypto ecosystem, and by becoming a SORAmbassador, you will contribute directly to the mission of using next-generation monetary tools to improve social efficiency and inclusion.

Why Become a SORAmbassador?

The SORA community is privileged to have extraordinarily engaged and well-informed members.

SORAmbassadors are unique individuals who accelerate the adoption of SORA by stepping beyond their duties as simple users and contributing to the community in a coherent and beneficial way. They understand the social and economic potential of an automated, decentralized ‘central bank’ capable of providing supranational public money on a peer-to-peer basis, and are committed to helping others understand it as well. The SORAmbassador program offers to connect you with a global network of such individuals. The essential role of this network is to raise awareness of SORA, educate global audiences about SORA, and generate insights into the way SORA works.

SORAmbassadors also contribute to the ongoing discussion about what SORA can become. For users who share enthusiasm for democratic monetary tools that are used for the people, by the people, this is an exciting discussion to lose yourself in. This is the beauty of SORA: team are a community with a compelling vision, but one carefully built upon a very real basis of cutting-edge technology and empirical economic research. By becoming a SORAmbassador, you will help write the next chapter of the SORA story and give form to concept of a New Economic Order.

For ambassadors, this opportunity is a reward in and of itself. However, the program provides several more tangible privileges and benefits as well.

These include:

  • Funding - Early access to bounty-earning opportunities and the chance to organize meetings using grants from the SORA Parliament.
  • Networking Opportunities - Connection with other passionate supporters and direct cooperation with outstanding personalities and projects in the crypto space.
  • SORA Gear — Exclusive swag that lets you stand out as a committed member of the SORA community.
  • Exclusive Invites - Invitations to private communications channels and targeted discussions with core SORA team members.
  • True Community - SORA is all about community: a group of individuals organically united by their shared desire to create a new and better world. As a user you are already a valuable part of the SORA community; as an ambassador, you will help it to grow and evolve.

Expectations of a SORAmbassador

Everyone is welcome to join the SORA Ambassador Programme and become a SORAmbassador. However, doing so entails taking on some responsibility. Specifically, team invite each SORAmbassador to make one or more monthly intellectual or material contributions to support the growth of SORA. This can mean attending monthly Ambassadors’ Meeting, participating in the SORA communication channels, or helping write or translate articles about SORA. No matter what contribution pathway you choose, the goal should always be to drive SORA forward.

The Process of Becoming a SORAmbassador

  1. First, fill out an application form.
  2. As soon as the application has been reviewed, team will have a short meeting to talk more about the SORAmbassador program and your ideas on how to contribute.
  3. After a positive decision, you will start as a SORA Apprentice and get to know the team members active in your area of expertise. You will learn all about SORA and have the chance to ask questions about how SORA works. During the apprenticeship period, you will meet other Apprentices and Ambassadors, network with the team, share your progress and knowledge, and set cooperative goals. Think of this period as an opportunity to build mutual trust and explore SORA — both the details and the bigger picture.
  4. Once you have met the goals team have defined together and ensured that you are committed to the role of SORAmbassador, your status will be changed from Apprentice to Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, your interactions with your peers and the SORA team will be crucial. During the apprenticeship you will get to know the team members active in different areas of SORA, and once you become an Ambassador, you will be invited to join one or more working group based on your skills and interests. Each working group will focus on a few of the tasks below, all of which will help power SORA’s growth.

SORAmbassador Tasks

  • Writing Blogs - SORA blog post contents are mainly videos, images, and articles. The main goal is to raise awareness about SORA and its ecosystem.
  • Organizing Meetups - Team truly believe in the importance of meeting in real-life, which is why team support Ambassadors in organizing meetings in their countries. Details will be decided on a case-by-case basis with the cooperation of the SORA Parliament.
  • Community Moderation - Ambassadors often contribute to chat moderation, providing support to users, explaining concepts, and giving insights. SORA chats are ongoing in multiple languages.
  • Meme Master - Meme Magic is real.
  • Graphic Design - If you have a passion for design, you may be asked to work with the team and other ambassadors in providing graphic design support. Your help will directly impact the way SORA is seen by the world.
  • Translation - SORA’s end goal is to become a supranational economic system; to make this goal a reality team must create inroads for as many languages as possible. By translating SORA content, you can help give your linguistic community the chance to become part of the SORA ecosystem.


The SORA Ambassador Program is aimed at building a larger SORA community and using the SORA ecosystem to increase the productivity and efficiency of society. If you are reading this, you probably know a bit about what makes SORA special: rational economic model, democratic approach to governance, and commitment to creating real value for our users and the world. You may have even asked yourself (or one of the chat admins) how you can contribute to SORA. If so, the SORA Ambassador Programme is for you.

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