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Sonic Testnet Odyssey

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Sonic has launched the Odyssey testnet phase, where anyone can experience fast, interactive on-chain gameplay at a minimal cost. During this Odyssey journey, you will earn various rewards. 

Sonic Testnet Odyssey Steps

As a contributor to Sonic and a pioneer of SVM, you can participate in tasks at

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Sonic

As Sonic is the first Solana Gaming Layer 2, more wallet support is coming. It`s recommended using Backpack or Nightly wallets for now.

You can import your Solana wallet into Backpack Wallet and Nightly Wallet or create a new wallet to participate in the Sonic Odyssey.

You need to set up the Sonic testnet in your wallet. Below are the instructions for each wallet:

Step 2: Request Sol Test Token

To participate in the Sonic testnet Odyssey, you need to acquire some test Sol as the gas fee. Each wallet can only request test sol once per day.

Click this link to get your test tokens.

You can check your balance and transaction history in your wallet and on the Sonic block explorer:

  1. Visit Explorer
  2. Enter the wallet address or transaction hash you want to search.

Step 3: Complete Tasks in Odyssey Website

Each task is designed to help you explore different aspects of the Sonic ecosystem and maximize your testnet experience.

Follow the instructions below to participate and start earning rewards:

Task: Meet Sonic

  • Follow Sonic's official Twitter.
  • Join Sonic's Official Discord.
  • Reward: 3 x Ring Mystery Box.

Task: Daily Check-in

  • Check in on Sonic daily.
  • Rewards:
    • Check in 1-7 days: 1 x Ring Mystery Box.
    • Check in 8-14 days: 2 x Ring Mystery Box.
    • Check in over 14 days: 3 x Ring Mystery Box.

Task: Ring Lottery

  • More details are coming soon.
  • Winners are determined by on-chain random numbers every 0.4 seconds.
  • Reward: 1 Ring per block for the winner.

Task: TX Milestone

  • Accumulate transactions (tx) for rewards.
  • TX Milestone resets every 24 hours.
  • Rewards:
    • Reach 10 tx: 2 Mystery Box
    • Reach 50 tx: 4 Mystery Boxes
    • Reach 100 tx: 6 Mystery Boxes

Task: Referral

  • Invite friends to join using your code.
  • Reward: 1 x Ring Monitors per successful referral.

Step 4: Play Sonic Games and Earn Rewards

Play games deployed on the Sonic Testnet to earn Sonic token rewards and unlock additional in-game rewards. Click any game below to download or try it out.

Game Introductions

  • JogoJogo: JogoJogo is an on-chain social entertainment platform that creates an open and transparent on-chain entertainment world through functional sections such as prediction, gaming and battle.
  • FoMoney: FoMoney provides fully on-chain gameplay that seamlessly merges the captivating puzzle mechanics of the classic 2048 with the incentive system pioneered by the revolutionary on-chain dApp Fomo3D, aims to provide an entertaining and exciting game experience for players.

About Sonic

Sonic is the first atomic SVM L2 built to enable sovereign game economies that finalize on Solana. It is powered by HyperGrid, a core technology developed by Mirror World to enable Solana rollups, enables developers to deploy custom Sonic Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) chains that offer tremendous scaling advantages for developers.

About Mirror World Labs

Mirror World Labs is the team behind Sonic - their goal is to expand the possibilities of gaming on Solana eocsystem, by building necessary tools and platforms related to  all aspects of the GameFi lifecycle - from Web2/Web3 login methods to NFT marketplace integration, wallet integration, and NFT launchpad, all the way to custom-built rollups on Solana.




Welcome to the Sonic Testnet Odyssey. Sonic is the first atomic SVM (Solana Virtual Machine) Layer 2 built to enable sovereign game economies on Solana.

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