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Socrates Ambassador Program

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up to 50,000 SOC, NFT

up to 50,000 SOC, NFT

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With community at the heart of the debate2earn platform, our mission is to utilise blockchain technology to empower freedom of speech and forge meaningful connections between people. Therefore, Socrates knows the importance of creating an initiative like the Program to promote this.

What is the Ambassador Program?

Socrates’ Ambassador Program aims to raise awareness and attract new users to join the platform. Leveraging the skills and dedication of our existing community, the program will connect with new and existing users on a deeper level, and boost their understanding of how to effectively use the product and earn rewards.

Thankfully, the Program offers unique opportunities for all participants. Not only does it give you a chance to showcase your knowledge and network by creating unique materials and resources about the ecosystem, but allows you to be part of a rapidly developing platform set to revolutionise the web3 industry.

In return, Socrates will offer 50,000 SOC, Socrates’ governance token, per month to be shared between Ambassadors, exclusive NFT Pioneer and Genesis Pens, as well as providing the potential to receive full-time job offers within the organisation.

Who can apply for the Program?

The project welcomes anyone committed to growing the Socrates community to join the Ambassador Program. This includes individuals with any background and experience, including:

  • Speakers: those interested in joining Socrates debate events, hosting AMAs, and creating buzz on various audio and media platforms
  • Community advocates: those responsible for informing communities about Socrates, onboarding new users, and assisting in community moderation
  • Content creators & artists: those responsible for producing high quality content such as memes, articles and infographics about Socrates to attract users and explain who Socrates is
  • Local representatives: those responsible for outreach and organising events within their local communities, both online and offline, assisting with translation and adaptation for local languages

How can you apply for the Program?

To be considered for the Program, you must create a Socrates account and mint at least an Introductory Pioneer Pen. Of course, those regularly interacting on the platform will be more likely to be successful in their application. With limited spaces, applicants should note that only those that demonstrate the highest levels of commitment and skill when promoting Socrates will be chosen.

If you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, you can apply using the application form below. If successful, you’ll be contacted shortly afterwards and given further information about the required responsibilities of your role.

For further details, please view this presentation and apply using this form




Socrates has announced the launch of its Ambassador Program globally. This strategic initiative is designed to recognize and reward loyal users and grow the Socrates community.

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Social networks



Community leaders


from 18 Jan 2024 22:28(UTC+3)



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every month

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