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Sinso Sonior & Ambassador Program

Sinso Sonior & Ambassador Program

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When Web3.0 ushered in the booming DAPP market, the significance of on-chain storage brought new challenges and opportunities. SINSO addresses on-chain storage through high-speed Decentralized Cache and Data-Governance based on FVM, providing various toolkits and components for DAPP developers to migrate data to Web3.0. In our pursuit of the vision to Bring Humankind to the New Era of Metaverse, your joining may be part of the driving force for the development SINSO Ecosystem.

What is Sonior?

Sonior is the name for SINSO contributors who share the vision and responsibility to make SINSO stronger and more valuable through voluntary dedication in and out of the SINSO community. With great faith in Filecoin and the ecosystem, they recognize the idea and potential of SINSO and are willing tobring added value and expand the popularity of the SINSO project.

The Soniors Sinso is Looking for...

  • Those with expertise in marketing, translation, content creation, design, community management, etc.,
  • Or aspire to be a Web3.0 pioneer,
  • Or who is a wise sage,
  • Or a lone ranger with a unique belief,
  • Or who with a mission to impart history and culture.

How to Become a Sonior?

To join SINSO plus share the duties and well-being of a Sonior, you are expected to meet the above requirements and need to submit an application. SINSO will respond to your request within 7 days through email - please be patient and note your inbox messages.

What Sonior Will Do?

Contribute your expertise and skill sets in Soniors tasks on social media promotion, content creation, and spread the word for SINSO, thus expanding the awareness and influence of SINSO. 

As a Sonior, You Can Get...

You can start your adventure with your unique Sonior number, which will record your growth with SINSO as an honorary title and

used to receive exclusive bonuses.

You can get monthly token rewards based on task completion. When you meet one or more requirements regarding social media

influence, community operation, strong calling in the local area, and content creation, you'll have the chance to advance to SINSO Ambassadorship and earn higher rewards.

How to become an ambassador?

  1. Register as a Sonior;
  2. Give play to your talents and meet Ambassadorship admission requirements;
  3. Pass the mission assessment;

Ambassador gets more advantages in the SINSO ecosystem over bonuses, priorities, resources, etc.

What You Can Do?

  • Continued promotion on social media to help SINSO improve its influence;
  • Output content by blogging or contributing to product tutorials;
  • Continue to participate in SINSO's ecosystem development;
  • Host and attend meetings and events on behalf of SINSO as ambassador;
  • Get support for initiatives that support the SINSO mission.
  • Community Building

How It Works

The SINSO Ambassador program is made up of two ranks — Soniors and SINSO Ambassadors.

If your application is approved**, you can get:** Sonior Role

Complete the Basic Task, you can get: Rewards for Soniors

Complete the Basic Tasks and scoring 40 & higher on the Additional Tasks, you can get: Ambassador Role and Rewards for Ambassadors

Basic Tasks:

• Community Building

• Community Communications

• Social Media Communications

• Follow SINSO’s social media platforms

• Social media posts/content

Additional Tasks:

• Participate in the activities

• Events Holding

• Resource Connection

• Content Creation


SINSO recognizes that Soniors and Ambassadors are critical to the growth of SINSO. SINSO wants to ensure that Soniors and Ambassadors are properly rewarded for their efforts. As such, Soniors and Ambassadors will receive exclusive membership benefits such as access to NFT distribution and airdrops before IDO, priority to participate in SINSO activities, and experience SINSO products.

They will also be recognized in the SINSO Discord group by having their role publicly displayed, and monthly rewards will be issued based on completing your tasks. Besides, we have quarterly bonuses, if you complete the Ambassador Tasks (Basic Tasks + Additional Tasks more than 40 points) for a consecutive quarter (3 months) and rank in the top 20, you will get: 1000U + 500SINSO.


As you help advance SINSO's vision, you will get corresponding benefits at each stage.

Early Access

Priority access and first-call to events, bounties, hackathons, and more.

Swag & Prizes

  1. Earn exclusive ambassador title in SINSO communities and MOH NFT.
  2. Exclusive monthly compensation, bonus for those with the highest score.
  3. Get exclusive event funds and gifts for yourself and any events you host.


Direct access to the SINSO team and leadership.




Sonior is the name for SINSO contributors who share the vision and responsibility to make SINSO stronger and more valuable through voluntary dedication in and out of the SINSO community.

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from 22 Jun 2022 06:00(UTC+3)



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