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Earlier this month, Seashell published a blog post announcing a new product, Seashell Vault, available for international users. Seashell has been so excited by the early positive reception they have received and want to keep the momentum going. Seashell is thrilled to announce the Seashell Rewards Program, aimed at celebrating its earliest users and supporters for joining on this journey. Once you become a verified user, you’re automatically eligible to earn Seashell Rewards Points (“SRP”) by completing a number of activities and campaigns.

In the following weeks, Seashell  will share a variety of ways to start earning Seashell Rewards Points, so stay tuned because some promotions are available for a limited time only. SRP will be redeemable for a growing list of rewards, starting with USDC.

How to earn Seashell Rewards Points (SRP):

  1. Get Verified — Pass the identity verification to set up an account. Earn +1,500 SRP.
  2. Act Quickly — Fund your Seashell Vault within 12 hours after your approved verification. Earn +1,000 SRP.
  3. Big Waves — Transfer your USD-backed tokens — you’ll get rewarded for larger size transfers. Earn +2 points per token funded*.
  4. Keep Swimming — Keep your Seashell Vault funded and get extra rewards each month that you have a balance greater than $2,000. Earn +200 SRP at the end of each month.
  5. Say Hello — Chat with us on WhatsApp and Telegram. Earn +500 SRP.
  6. Spread the Word — Share Seashell on Twitter. Earn +500 SRP.
  7. Share the Love — Refer your friends. Your friend also earns +200 points when they fund their Seashell Vault. Earn +200 SRP per referral who funds their account*.

*Big Waves maximum reward of +3,000 SRP. Share the Love maximum reward of +2,000 SRP.

Getting started with Seashell is simple:

  1. Fill out a quick form to select your ideal Seashell Vault
  2. Verify your Identity
  3. Transfer your USD-backed tokens
  4. Start generating high yield on your stablecoins!

This is just the beginning of the Seashell Rewards Program, and the project aims to make it even better over time, while continuing to reward its early participants.




Seashell is announcing the Seashell Rewards Program, aimed at celebrating its earliest users and supporters for joining on this journey. Participants of the program can earn Seashell Reward Points — redeemable for USDC.

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