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In recent months, the Seamless community has experienced healthy growth, so if you have a deep passion for DeFi, are enthusiastic about web3 innovations, and align with Seamless’ vision, then you could be an ideal candidate to become an ambassador.

Why become a Seamless Ambassador?

As a community-driven initiative, decentralization + community have been core to Seamless since inception. As the Seamless ecosystem evolves and the community continues to grow, there is a need for individuals who understand the protocol at a deeper level to articulate and educate the wider population on key concepts.

As such, this is a formalization of an already informal and community-driven process. For example, as the community continues to expand, the hope is that Seamless Ambassadors will continue to both formally and informally guide the community and onboard new members.

As an ambassador, you’ll be at the intersection of community building, content creation, education, and fostering relationships with the Seamless community. Being an ambassador also provides these benefits:

  • Greater access to the Seamless core development teams
  • Early testnet/product testing, opportunities for providing user feedback and news/sneak peeks on protocol updates
  • Networking alongside other ambassadors and other early adopters + discord/telegram sub-channel access
  • Exclusive NFTs (+more)

What will I do as a Seashell Ambassador?

Seashell Ambassadors play a key role in shaping the Seamless community as well as growing the protocol. To that end, there are ambassador-only discussion groups across telegram, discord and other community platforms where the various development teams and ambassadors share updates, sneak peeks, and research findings on a continual basis. Ambassadors are a self-driven type of individual and there are no hard parameters on what this means, but ambassadors in the past have typically led initiatives and tasks that include:

  • Creating content to engage the community and boost understanding of Seamless
  • Local translation of existing content
  • Web3 research and identification of potential ecosystem partnership opportunities

How do I get involved?

Feel free to reach out on the community Telegram if you are interested in joining, and a community contributor will be in contact to send over a short application form.

If you have any questions, follow Seamless on Twitter to stay updated on the project.



Seamless has announced the launch of the Seamless Community Ambassador Program. This is an opportunity for community members who want to further contribute to Seamless’ vision of building a seamless user experience on top of next-gen DeFi liquidity markets.

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from 21 Sep 2023 23:07(UTC+3)



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