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Sea Lion Recruitment Campaign

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For those who wish to be a part of the movement, there is plenty of space at the table! Seascape is making a huge call for lovers of games to join the league of Mighty Sea Lions, ambassadors for the Seascape Network. This group of volunteers use their influence to promote and communicate what Seascape has to offer. Sea Lion are professional, enthusiastic, and innovative, bringing the best talents together to spread news and shape views. From translators, to content creators, to influencers, to community managers, and much more, this league of enthusiasts enjoys a front seat at the revolution, witnessing and helping shape the future of DeFi. Sign up today!

What you can look forward to as an Ambassador:

  • Early Access — First call to all events, games, and community engagement
  • Exclusive Events — Access to events only available to ambassadors, such as giveaways, competitions, media, and much more
  • Expand Your Network — Regular communication with other ambassadors and access to a special ambassador Telegram groups
  • Esteem — Recognition on social media as official Seascape ambassador, and special swag to denote your role
  • Merch — Get some of the top Seascape swag before it hits digital shelves

And that’s not all! Sign up for Gleam and get your very first free Scape NFT today! Being an active ambassador is your one-way ticket to P2E rewards throughout the Seascape Network!

Sea Lions can contribute in numerous ways, limited only by your imagination. Sign up right now and get into Sea Lion Ambassador Telegram group. After 2 weeks, all Sea Lions will receive Avatars as well as the option to enter Sea Lion-exclusive events! You’ll find lots of ways to learn and grow with Seascape, including promotion to leadership positions, and potentially leading your own team of Sea Lions. The possibilities are endless.

The future of DeFi gaming is today. Join the movement.

Your Game. Your Rules. Enjoy the Seascape.

What is Seascape?

Seascape is a gaming platform based around DeFi and NFT economies. By turning the core concepts of DeFi into easy-to-access games, Seascape lowers the bar of complexity linked with DeFi and crypto more generally.

With a focus on excellent quality and proper incentives to both players and developers, Seascape is changing the way the world thinks about gaming. 

Token Economy

Crowns are the core pillar of the Seascape Network, designed to reward all key stakeholders and give value to all coins created on the Network. 

 NFT Standard

Seascape is adapting NFTs from collector's items into genuine financial assets. Mint, stake, burn, trade, sell, and earn.

DeFi Gamified

Implement gamified aspects of DeFi and traditional finance into games as part of core gameplay. In-game staking, burning, trading, and much more! 

New Games You Love

Help new game projects through funding. Shape the future of DeFi gaming while being rewarded for your time in-game.

Full Ecosystem 

Giving tools and support to developers, as well as easing the barrier to entry for new crypto and DeFi gamers.




The Age of Play-to-Earn Gaming is dawning. With it, a new wave of DeFi games are birthed and seeded out into the Cryptosphere one by one. Among the most ambitious and dependable is the Seascape Network, a platform in which gamers, developers, and ambitious promoters come together to create something larger than themselves. The future of DeFi will be a revolution which puts the power of gaming back into the hands of those who love games the most, and reward players financially for their efforts.

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23 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 23 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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