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Sabai Ecoverse Ambassador Program

Sabai Ecoverse Ambassador Program

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NFTs, early access, aidrops

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NFTs, early access, aidrops

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You as an citizen of Sabai Ecoverse will represent it in your local community and create awareness of the Ecoverse developments to new markets/communities and potential users through social media marketing. Also you will be able to help our team with translations, design, content, ideas and more

Rewards and benefits

  1. Airdrops based on points received. Token distribution will be performed on TGE, with vesting, according to Airdrop unlock rules (see Whitepaper for details).
  2. Early access (priority access and first call to events, bounties hackathons and more)
  3. Recognition as the early and long-term supporter of project's community.
  4. Exclusive access to team events and activities.
  5. NFTs (all the ambassadors will be granted with an exclusive NFTs)
  6. Resources (direct access to the projects team and leadership of guidance and support)
  7. Swag & Prizes (earn unique swag for you and the meetups you host)
  8. Getting a headstart and working hand-in-hand with an established gamefi team
  9. Eligibility for the IDO whitelist
  10. Your work as a Sabai Ecoverse ambassador will be known globally

Who can join?

Specific skills are required from Sabai Ambassadors, which will help them to create awareness about the Ecoverse in the digital world. Anyone who possesses any of the following skills can become a part of project’s Ambassador Program:

  • Community Managers
  • Content Creators
  • Influencers
  • Translators
  • Graphic designers
  • Content Writers

What can ambassadors do?

  1. Establish communities: You will establish a communication group in your region and continue to promote Sabai Ecoverse in your own community.
  2. Maintain communities: You will convey Sabai Ecoverse official information and plans. You are also responsible for answering questions in your community.
  3. Create content: You will output original content tool streams, including but not limited to copywriting, memes, video, posters, animation, audio, etc.
  4. Organize events: You will host and attend online and offline events for Sabai Ecoverse, taking these opportunities to expand Sabai partnership network and ecosystem. Also organize Challenges and giveaways. (Prizes should be negotiated with the team prior to the competition announcement).
  5. Contribute: You can also submit improved documents, share creative thoughts, etc.

The path  to ambassadorship

After becoming an ambassador there will be additional levels to achieve where you will be able to lead your own category or region and enjoy more benefits following the increase in responsibility.

  • Submit an application (incl short video interview)
  • Interview with the team
  • Become a Sabai Novice Ambassador
  • Complete a few tasks within the first week
  • Advance to a full Sabai Citizen Ambassador status

About Sabai Ecoverse

Sabai Ecoverse is a multiplayer game, where Citizens and Landlords can buy lands, build their own resort in real time, organise it, welcome tourists, complete exciting tasks and earn money.

The action of the game takes place in a tourist eco-universe, built on the principles of harmony with nature and reasonable consumption of resources. The universe, which the players build together, is closely intertwined with the real world. Many in-game entities have their counterparts in the real world, and players will be able to receive real assets for in-game achievements, which eventually could be worth the value of a real apartment on the seashore. Lands, projects, buildings, employees and resources — all elements of the eco-universe are reflected in the blockchain and give players the widest opportunities for creative and economic self-realization. Sabai has an educational mission: to teach players to take care of the environment.




Sabai Ecoverse is a new generation multiplayer sim tycoon game with its own metaverse, which allows users to buy, rent, build, upgrade and monetize the resort infrastructure and its staff in strategic, deep and diverse solo and social cycles of activity based on blockchain tokenomics, tourist flow management tools and game resources. Build your own tropical paradise inside the metaverse and attract more guests. The Ecoverse has the connection to real world items - you will be able to rent and purchase real assets with Sabai Tokens.

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22 Mar 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 1 Oct 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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