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Rubic Rangers Ambassador Program

Rubic Rangers Ambassador Program

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What are Rubic Rangers?

At first, the program will include only 20 people. But in the future, the number could be increased by up to 100 participants.

  • Rubic Rangers are our most passionate community members.
  • Rubic is more than 2 years old, and has a strong OG community, as well as a constant influx of new fans. Both are welcome!
  • Rubic community is famous across crypto for its edgy memes, amazing stickerpacks and very special spirit.
  • We want you to continue this tradition and make Rubic bigger

How to Become a Rubic Ranger

Fill the Rubic Ranger Application Form

  1. Prove yourself as part of Rubic’s community or your significance as a blogger: you need to be a member for at least 1-2 months (Discord and Telegram, the date of joining is enough)
  2. Be sure to have more than 50-100 followers on Twitter if you’re going to provide marketing on Twitter  Join an interview/onboarding call with a Marketing Team member Sign an NDA

What is the Role of Rubic Rangers?

Drive Rubic’s growth via: 1 - Marketing Creative materials Social Media Community Management 2 - Expanding Rubic’s ecosystem: Pitch Rubic to new partners and blockchains Participate in crypto-meetups, etc

What can you help with?

  • Creative Materials/Design: Memes, articles, translations, data visualization, animations, stickers, graphic materials
  • Beta Testing: Test new features and products
  • Community Management: Build and develop Rubic communities in the countries where we’re not present
  • Social Media: Tweets, YT videos, posts, comments, reviews, etc., based on reach targets

Rangers’ Perks

  1. Your approved efforts will be paid for in RBC.
  2. The amount of rewards will depend on the type of activity you would like to complete and the quality of your job.
  3. You will have an access to your personal calculator of possible rewards.
  4. You will learn breaking news and test new features first.
  5. The core team will be gifted with Rubic swag

How Rubic Get You Financially Cubed

  • Translation of Rubic Materials to other languages - 750 RBC
  • Create Graphic Material - 2,500 RBC
  • Create a Meme - 150 RBC
  • Community Moderation - 5,000 RBC
  • Community Building - from 5,000 RBC
  • Create an Animation - 6,000 RBC

Rangers’ Codex o' Honor

  • Each activity is to be approved by the chief and the marketing team
  • Rangers are paid in RBC for the approved materials covering the riteria after the fact
  • An Ambassador can distribute RBC payments to the users. RBC is provided by the Rubic team
  • The usage of bots or cheating will result in disqualifi ation from the ambassador program

Exclusive Chat With The Team

Rubic will create a dedicated closed community with all of the ambassador participants, marketing and BizDev team members, where we will share and work on Rubic’s agenda together. This chat will be private and information from it shouldn’t be shared with the public.

Working Together

The Rubic team will share materials which could later be used in your blogs and creatives. This can include answers for any kind of questions related to the project (which will not violate the signed NDAs). The team will also have group meetings before big updates where we will share our vision on how to promote the new feature or service.




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from 20 Feb 2023 11:33(UTC+3)



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