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Royale Finance Testnet Program

Royale Finance Testnet Program

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Reward pool


20,000 ROYA

Expected profit

$30 - 1,100

80 - 2,800 ROYA

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks

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The team has been building the Royale ecosystem and team is just a few steps away from the launch of the Mainnet. Royale’s vision is to unleash the potential of Gaming companies by giving them access to liquidity which opens a whole new world of opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers who are true visionaries of the decentralised future the Royale Kingdom seeks. Providing liquidity for Gaming companies is essential as they lack efficient means for their development and ability to compete with the Gaming cartels.

Testnet will be implemented as two distinct phases; Phase 1 launches next week and engages users to test and experience the front end of application, Phase 2 launches as soon as smart contract audit is complete and baselined launch code is released on github.

After each Testnet Phase, 10,000.00 of ROYA will be proportionately shared between all who partake based on their final scores — so a total of 20,000.00 ROYA is up for grabs. All rules and conditions of the testnet rewards campaign are listed below. You will be amongst the first on the planet to get your hands on the first version of the Royale ecosystem. Team knows that you are all Royale-ty but you should act like hunter-gatherers to get your hands on those precious rewards.

To complete tasks to earn ROYA under the following categories:

Explore and Conquer the Kingdom

  • Complete processes throughout the Royale Web 3.0 App and document your journey for rewards

Bug Bounty Hunting

  • Find bugs and report them back to the Royale palace for rewards

Support and promote Royale with social media content

Testnet Leaderboard Prizes

  • 1st Place — 2,800 ROYA tokens
  • 2nd Place — 1,600 ROYA tokens
  • 3rd Place — 800 ROYA tokens
  • 4th — 10th Places — 260 ROYA tokens
  • 11th — 50th Places — 80 ROYA tokens

Scores and leaderboards will be updated daily and overall winners will be announced at the end of the testnet period.


Team is opening up Testnet to Royale Kings and Queens. A select few who are genuine Royale-ty will gain access to an exclusive rewards program. It will be an opportunity for you to give your input for the Royale testnet and earn ROYA to build your kingdom. How, you may ask, may I gain access to the Kingdom rehearsals? You will be able to earn ROYA rewards by testing, finding bugs, tweeting, and engaging community members about the cool Royale features, being an active member in socials, and opening discussions about the Royale Web 3.0 App through your own communities.

Activity Type



Bug bounty




from 18 Feb 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



Event Status

You can participate (Event started, Registration open)