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Regen Network Aplikiĝo Testnet

Regen Network Aplikiĝo Testnet

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250,000 Regen

250,000 Regen

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from 20 points

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Regen’s Testnet roadmap

In the coming months team will be running three successive incentivized testnets to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Grow the capacity of validator pool to perform upgrades, participate in governance, and successfully run and troubleshoot the Regen Ledger blockchain, which is based on the CosmosSDK.
  2. Battle test Regen Ledger, Regen Network’s public Proof-of-Stake blockchain. This means team will be running load testing, testing key functionality like roll-backs and rapid upgrades, testing application-specific functions like token issuance, exchange and running Regen Ledger as a zone in the Game of Zones with validator pool.
  3. Engage and grow the community of Regen Network validators, developers and delegators through active participation in building an open, public protocol dedicated to a data and settlement layer for ecosystem service markets and ecological state data.


Team are testing production software and are doing best to release a stable version of Regen Ledger. For a glimpse of what team will be testing check out Of course as team uncover bugs team will patch code, but by phase 2 of the testnet no new development work will happen for the final launch version of Regen Network.

To begin with, this testnet will focus on running the blockchain through its paces with normal performance and security tests. New validators, you will learn commands and get used to the coordination required to run upgrades and govern a blockchain. For those validators who have been with us for a while, this will be smooth and easy. Get your cosmovisor tool up and running, just program the upgrades and keep your node infrastructure healthy while the network is active during testing.

If there are more than 125 gentx submissions the submissions will be included in the genesis file for the testnet.

With the following prioritization:

  1. Past participants who have earned points and completed kyc will be given first priority.
  2. New participants who have completed kyc will be given extra consideration
  3. New participants who have a validator ID running on the dev net that matches KYC will be given extra consideration.
  4. Further criteria for prioritization will be github activity (github accounts with open source code published and a history of contribution will be given priorities over submissions with no github or no code history).

Once the Gentx process is over and the testnet launches, validators can come and go out of the active set, but only the initial validators in the genesis file will be valid addresses to receive testnet points and rewards.

If there are less than 125 gentx submissions (which at this stage seems unlikely given there are more than 300 KYC applications), people can still join the testnet by getting tokens from the faucet. However, if you have not gotten your KYC in by Feb 10th, you won’t be eligible for this round of rewards.

These rules will allow them to test the production readiness of Regen Ledger and optimize rewards for community members, while making the administrative overhead of processing KYC, issuing rewards, as outlined in the blog, all achievable within given launch timeline.


  • 3 Phases
  • 4 governance proposals, 2 Upgrades, 2 community spend proposals
  • Rewards: 1800+ points possible per participant with a total of 500,000 Regen tokens available for winners.
  • Schedule: 1 month from Feb 8th - Mar 8th

Phase - 1: Genesis Phase - max 400 point


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Phase - 2: Regen Times - max 800 points [TBD]

  • Run oracle
  • interact with groups module
  • interact with data module
  • Deploy token contract
  • Deploy CosmWasm (?) contract
  • Upgrade proposal to enable IBC transfers

Phase - 3: Internet of Regeneration - 600 points

  • Run solo machine and send token to Regen Ledger
  • Run Small PoA PoS chain and transact with Regen Ledger

Bonus Challenges

Uptime - 4000points

  • 2000 points will be distributed among who never misses a block (max 200 points per validator)
  • uptime >= 99% 1000 points will be distributed equally among all the eligible validators (max 100 points per validator)
  • 99% <= uptime >= 98% 1000 points (max 60 points per validator)

Never jailed validators - 2000 points

Max txs in a block (min 5000txs/block) - 100 points

  • If multiple blocks have the same number of txs, only the txs from a single or list of accounts owned/organized by the validator will be counted. Txs from others in the block will not be considered.

Max msgs in a transaction - 100 points

If multiple blocks has same number of messages in a tx, first 2 teams will share the reward (50 points each)

  • P2P/Mempool attacks - Bringing 60% nodes down (Should publish a blogpost with details and possible proofs) - 300 points
  • Exploits/bug bounty for x/groups and x/authz modules (Regen team will review and categorize the criticality into following categories)
  • Low - 20 points
  • Medium - 50 points
  • High - 100 points
  • Critical - 200points

Community reward

  • Top - 10 teams/individuals will receive 50points each for their contributions for the community. technical docs, helping/resolving community issues, etc.

Legal: KYC/AML

Regen blockchain, and testnet are both permissionless, however, in order to qualify to receive tokens from participation in incentive program, team require KYC/AML process in order to be compliant. Team have options for participants in most countries to participate (sorry to those countries that currently have economic actions form the US, or anti-money laundering blocks). All you have to do is go through a simple process to see if you qualify. US validators are welcome.

Shortcut to Non-US Validator KYC.

Shortcut to US Validator KYC.

Original post on Regen Network’s KYC AML policy for Incentivized Testnet Participants.

Code Of Conduct

  • Testnet tokens are limited and valuable assets for the testnet. It is restricted/not allowed to receive external delegations. One should not try to increase their voting power by spamming the faucet. But it is encouraged to increase their stake by re-staking their rewards. There are no incentives related to the number of tokens you attain. The faucet should be used as a utility.
  • Team expect formal and professional behaviour from the participants and encourage a healthy competition, as well as healthy cooperation. Any misbehaviour will potentially disqualify one from the contest. This includes trolling channels, and being dismissive or rude to team members or other testnet participants.
  • Participating as a group or running validators from multiple accounts should be strictly avoided and any evidence of such activities will disqualify participants. Everyone involved would get ZERO rewards. Team are not running this testnet to encourage cartel behavior. There are testnets where that is perfectly acceptable and encouraged as a part of the adversarial game conditions. Find those testnets if you are interested in this strategy. This testnet is explicitly to test Regen Ledger functionality and performance and create an opportunity for a livelihood helping to secure and govern the world’s first public ecological ledger.
  • If a user is flagged or blocked on Discord/Github/Twitter will be considered ineligible from participation.
  • The same account/name should be used throughout the testnet. It’s not allowed to raise PRs from different github accounts.

Stay in touch!

For more information be sure to subscribe to the 100% signal (only dev and validator updates) telegram channel here, and engage with private telegram Delegator, Validator, Developer focused chat room here.



The main goal of this testnet is to practice upgrades, a roll back, and get the year off flexing coordination muscles. Points will be won by those who participate in all the upgrades and have maximum uptime.

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Incentivized testnet


8 Feb 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 8 Mar 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can't participate (Event ended)