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RedStone Oracles Expedition Season 1

RedStone Oracles Expedition Season 1

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RedStone Gems (RSG): The Heart of the Expedition

RedStone Gems (RSG) are the most important part of the Expedition. They are activity points that are fully stored on the blockchain. Every part of a user’s transaction history, point calculations, and the verification of the RSG points system is securely kept on the Arweave blockchain using Warp Contracts SDK technology.

These gems are super important in the final stages of the Expedition. They are used as a universal way to measure how engaged participants are, and they help in giving out rewards fairly to users based on their involvement.

How can RSG be earned?

Participants have the opportunity to accumulate RSG points through a diverse array of engaging activities:

On-Chain Tasks 

Engage in unique campaigns crafted in collaboration with RedStone partners, where completing specific actions, such as interacting with designated dApps, can yield significant RSG point rewards. These tasks stand out as the most lucrative opportunities within the Expedition.

Galxe Campaigns

These are special campaigns run through the Galxe service where expedition members can partake in exclusive campaigns. Successfully completing these tasks not only earns participants special OATs or NFTs but also allows these digital assets to be exchanged for RSG points.

Content Creation

RedStone highly values creative contributions from its community. By producing content and participating in designated activities on the RedStone Discord server, such as the Weekly Best Content or the Hall of Fame, creators can receive generous RSG point rewards, recognizing their creative efforts.


For those deeply invested in the RedStone community, becoming an ambassador opens doors to additional RSG rewards. In particular, at the Vein Master Ambassador level and above, ambassadors are presented with numerous opportunities to enhance their RSG holdings on a monthly passive basis.

Community Engagement

Active participation in the RedStone community is highly encouraged and rewarded. Engaging in various activities, from Community Calls to special server games, or even contributing to discussions, can earn members RSG points, fostering a vibrant and interactive community atmosphere.

Special boosts

In the RedStone Expedition, you can boost your point earnings through point multipliers, which are linked to specific ranks you achieve by engaging in various activities. These multipliers apply to on-chain tasks and Discord activities, enhancing the points you earn from these actions. For detailed information on the different roles and their associated properties, including how they affect your point multipliers, check out the list provided on Discord server.

The multipliers add up to each other.

Dashboard: Your Personal Expedition Tracker

A special dashboard is available to help you keep track of your progress during the Expedition. You can log in using your Metamask wallet.

Once logged in, the dashboard shows your current RedStone Gems (RSG) status, recent points earned, and any active boosts you have. It’s the heart of the Expedition, acting as a central hub where you can find all important information.

Remember to connect your Discord account to earn points for being active on the RedStone server. You can do this easily with the help of the Warpy bot.

Warpy: Bridging Discord and Blockchain

Warpy is a part of the Warp Contracts project and helps track activity on the Discord server. To earn points for your Discord activities, you need to connect your EVM address to your account. If you don’t, your wallet won’t receive points. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Join the RedStone server on Discord.
  2. Find the channel named Warpy.
  3. Connect your wallet by using the /linkwallet command.

By doing this, your activity on the server will be rewarded with RedStone Gems (RSG).

Join the RedStone Expedition: Your Adventure Begins Now! 

The RedStone Expedition is not just an event—it’s your opportunity to dive into a world of innovation, challenges, and substantial rewards. By participating, you’re not only engaging with a community of like-minded enthusiasts but also contributing to a revolutionary blockchain project.

Unlock rewards, enhance your blockchain knowledge, and be a part of something extraordinary.





RedStone Expedition Season 1 is an extraordinary odyssey that invites adventurers to journey through a landscape of challenge, innovation and reward.

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