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RedStone Miners Ambassador Program

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Thanks to its advanced modular architecture, RedStone has carved out a niche as a leading Oracle. The goal now is to extend this successful trajectory. That's why the project is building a strong, engaged global community.

The team introduces the RedStone Miners ambassador program to propel further the expansion and adoption of RedStone. Becoming a Miner can shape RedStone's future and the broader Web3 landscape. This program presents an unprecedented opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in RedStone. Let's earn exclusive rewards, tokens, and privileges not accessible to the general public.

Structure and Benefits of the Program

The RedStone Miners program comprises five tiers. Each task you accomplish earns you points, and accumulating more points is the key to advancing in rank (as detailed below).

Higher ranks unlock greater rewards and benefits:

RSG (RedStone Gems) are on-chain activity points in RedStone Expedition. Collecting more of them allows you to get a higher reward at the end of the campaign.

All ambassador ranks are granted via Discord.

New Ambassador Onboarding Process & How to Level Up

The Miners' Ambassador program takes miners through a journey of growth and achievement, with five prestigious ranks to ascend: Ore Digger → Rock Breaker → Vein Master → Deep Miner → Mine King.

To progress through these ranks, miners must complete tasks on Zealy and meet additional requirements, including active engagement on social media and making meaningful contributions to the community. Miners unlock many benefits and potential rewards as they advance, creating a pathway to greatness within the RedStone ecosystem.

  • Ore Digger 
  • Rock Breaker
  • Vein Masters
  • Deep Miner
  • Mine King: The Mine King rank represents an elite position within the RedStone community. The RedStone team recognizes the exceptional talents of Deep Miners and may extend a potential full-time job to those who exhibit outstanding skills and dedication.


Useful links and content

For a comprehensive understanding of RedStone, we encourage you to visit the page linked below. The information provided will equip you with the necessary knowledge to communicate effectively about RedStone and its features.

An Introduction to RedStone





RedStone announced the official launch of the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program. The RedStone Miners program aims to cultivate dedicated community leaders and developers. Every individual in the community deserves to be rewarded for their contribution. As a Miner, you'll connect with like-minded individuals, have a real impact, and earn exclusive rewards that mirror RedStone's remarkable growth. The program also opens doors to potential full-time career opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry.

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