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Ramifi Protocol Testnet

Ramifi Protocol Testnet

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A total of $5000 USD in RAM will be given, at a maximum of 40 people ($125 max per person) upon launch if chosen.

More details of what criteria will be used to decide who gets rewards will be posted in Part 2. It will involve constructive feedback, usage, and if found, bugs.

How to get RAM token on the Kovan Network

1. Make sure Kovan Network is chosen in the Metamask tab:


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2. Upon release go to the ‘Buy RAM Token” button at ramifi.org. This will then take you to Uniswap.


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3. Once on the Kovan Uniswap, proceed to the “Swap” tab at the top left.


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4. Click “Select a Token” on the trading interface, and paste the RAM contract address into the following field. Select “Import”.

RAM Contract Address:

  • 0x6036E85636ed554939268F53EF661E4123058695

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You can now freely trade RAM token on the Kovan Network with your kETH! Below are 2 options to obtain kETH (It is recommended to use the Gitter link) as you are able to receive up to kETH from the faucet.

Please wait for the first 24h supply inflation countdown to occur, the team will shorten the rebase periods time frame for this Testnet.

Please Stay tuned for RAMs upcoming Native Token integration on v.0.0.14

Get Kovan ETH

Option 1: Join this Gitter Channel. Once you join the Gitter Channel, post your ETH address from MetaMask to the main chat. The Kovan faucet will then populate your wallet with the test funds. This could take a couple minutes or a couple of hours as it is done manually by the channel’s admin.

Option 2: In the Ramifi Governance chat, ping admin @RamProtocol on Telegram and ask to Receive ETH.

Get RAM to add liquidity in the Ramifi Pool on Kovan Uniswaps interface:

In the Ramifi Governance chat, ping admin @RamProtocol on Telegram and ask to Receive RAM, drop you address (Please send a throwaway wallet or a rarely used one):

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Ramifi will deploy their contracts to the Kovan Test Network, a Proof of Authority (PoA) publicly accessible blockchain for Ethereum; created and maintained by a consortium of Ethereum developers, to aide the Ethereum developer community.

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