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Radix volunteers have played a key role in helping grow the Radix network. They have made key partner introductions, provided valuable insights and contributed to marketing initiatives.
Radix Ambassadors carry out a range of duties, and join calls and private groups with the RDX Works team to provide support, advice, and assistance.
Each applicant the team selects will be interviewed by the RDX Works team before joining the program.

Radvocates become Ambassadors

Over the last few years, the project has used the term ‘Radvocate’ (Advocate of Radix) as a collective term for the whole Radix community. It has also been used to describe the members of the “Radvocate Program” who work tirelessly to bring the Radix network to the world.

Henceforth, the term ‘Radvocates’ will be returned to its rightful place as a descriptor of the whole Radix community. The Radix volunteer program is now called the “Radix Ambassador Program”.   

So, who are these people?

Radix Ambassadors are the elite operational force of the Radix community. If Delta Force and the SAS had a child, it would be a Radix Ambassador. If the world's top scientists gathered in a room to build the perfect human, there's a good chance it would grow to be a Radix Ambassador. You get the drift. Radix Ambassadoooors are built different. 

Why now?

For Radix to reach its true potential, it needs you involved. As the proverb says, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. 

The Radix community is full of incredibly intelligent, creative, driven individuals, who are not afraid to show initiative. The Radix community is the most valuable resource we have, and together we will go far. 

The Ambassador program is for those working to further the interests of the Radix Public Network. Radix has set some mighty goals for 2022 and beyond, and needs your help to get there.

‍There are a few stages of advancement within the Ambassador Program.

Trial - for those wanting to get involved in the Radix community more regularly, this is the first step. If you show consistent contributions to the Radix community over 8 weeks, you may progress to full Ambassador status. 

Ambassador - You will work on your allocated specialty (more on that below), with the full support of RDX Works team and other Ambassadors. You have the freedom to pitch ideas to the team or other Ambassadors. The team will back you to run Radix initiatives. Your goal is to spread the good word as far as possible.

Senior Ambassador- If an Ambassador has provided significant and consistent value to the Radix community, the RDX Works team may offer advancement to the Senior Ambassador position. Senior Ambassadors take a leadership position, leading the Radix community in specific regions and taking a higher level of responsibility. Senior Ambassadors can be paid between $400-$800 USD of XRD per month depending on their contribution.

What will you do?

The overarching goal of those in the Ambassador program is to drive “Radix Revelations”. These can take many forms, and the project want to use your specific skill set to help others attain the same conviction as you.    

Radix has Ambassadors who have formed partnerships for Radix at other projects, held fantastic events, taken the lead on marketing activities, spent countless hours moderating communities, recruited influencers or other PR opportunities, onboarded developers, or a myriad of other things. 

There are 4 roles for Ambassadors to work within.

Some people may straddle multiple disciplines, but will always have a core responsibility.

These are as follows:   

‍Event Host:

  • You will organize and run community meet-ups and events in your country. These can be on or offline.  
  • You will be a beacon of light to those interested in crypto, DeFi, and Radix. You will be helping newcomers down the road to Radix Revelations, you will introduce developers to Radix, and users to dApps. You will nurture the seeds of a growing ecosystem. 
  • You will work to scale your events, bringing new faces into the Radix community. 
  • You will help create a network of Radix Hubs around the world, where people can come to meet Co-Founders, hire developers, find a marketing partner, present a new project, or just learn more about Radix and DeFi. 

Community Champion: 

  • Community Champions are the generalists of the Ambassador Program. This is for people who like to be involved in many aspects of a Radix. You will be a leader in the Radix Community. 
  • You are active on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook. You are deep in crypto communities, bringing Radix to new audiences.
  • You will look for opportunities to help Radix grow. This may be through networking or introductions, helping those new to Radix, leading community initiatives, troubleshooting user issues, or any number of things!
  • If you're making Radix a better place, and championing the cause of the network, you belong here. 

‍Content Creator: 

  • You will create content that will help explain Radix to the wider crypto audience.  This may take the form of written blogs, infographics, Scrypto code tutorials, exchange user guides, or anything else you think may be required by the community.
  • This position may suit graphic designers, bloggers, YouTube/Twitch creators, or meme connoisseurs. 
  • Applications for this role will require examples of your work. All work must be approved by RDX Works before release.

‍Tech Ambassador: (Not currently recruiting)

  • Be present in the tech community answering questions and troubleshooting issues around nodes, Scrypto, wallets, or anything else that may be needed.
  • Making resources to learn Scrypto or how to run a node.
  • Bringing useful projects to the RDX team (whitepaper.io and web3.university for example).
  • Bringing problems that the community finds with Scrypto/nodes to the RDX team.
  • Tech Ambassadors are chosen by RDX Works staff, based on your contributions to the Radix community.

‍So, what are the benefits to being a Radix Ambassador?

  • Play a part in delivering a game-changing decentralized network. We will give you the freedom to lead initiatives that will benefit the whole community, fully supported by the RDX Works team.  
  • Access to a private group with the RDX Works core team and other Ambassadors. 
  • Unique Ambassador only merchandise and flairs on Telegram and Discord. 
  • Direct access to the RDX Works team for guidance and support.
  • Add “Radix Ambassador” to your LinkedIn experience. (Specify Volunteer)
  • You may receive payments in XRD. This will be decided as you progress in the program, depending on your contribution and time in the program.   




Applications for the Radix Ambassador Volunteer program are now open. Radix ants to involve the community to reach its true potential.

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