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Rabby Wallet Rabby Points Campaign

Rabby Wallet Rabby Points Campaign

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Engage in on-chain activities and watch your points grow effortlessly. Claim now for a taste of endless rewards. Download Rabby extension on Chrome or upgrade to the latest version v0.92.48

Rabby Wallet has dropped initial points to every EVM address.

Initial Rabby Points have been dropped.

  1. Every EVM wallet gets points based on the wallet balance at snapshot date.
  2. Switched from  to Rabby? Extra points unlocked
  3. Rabby supporters, your bonus points await.

Calling all  users:

Tired of the struggle? Make the switch to Rabby to experience a life-changing wallet! Import your MetaMask wallet, score up to 12k bonus points if you've used MetaMask Swap in the last year. It's time to enjoy a secure and easy wallet, not suffer.

Daily rewards.

Refer new users to Rabby for maximum points Swap & Gas Top up in Rabby Simple on-chain actions, endless rewards! Start claiming now and let the points roll in.

This is just the start of Rabby Points, and it's only going to get better. Seize the perfect moment to join the journey with Rabby Wallet now. A rewarding future awaits.





Rabby Wallet has announced Rabby Points Campaign: Say Hi to Rabby Points - Embrace rewards for being part of Rabby's journey.

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from 23 Jan 2024 22:39(UTC+3)



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