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Quarkchain Game of DeFi Campaign

Quarkchain Game of DeFi Campaign

    To enable the users to experience these five DeFi products better and let them know how QuarkChain solves the industry pain points in the DeFi field, QuarkChain launch five DeFi products and the “Game of DeFi” campaign. All community members are welcome to participate in the “Game of DeFi” and share the ~5 million QKC reward pool!

    Reward pool
    ~ $45,000
    Expected profit
    from $1
    Max participants
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Registration Referral Testing Social networks Contest Complete Tasks
  • Date: from 14 Aug 2020 06:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Open
  • When reward: All rewards will only be payable at the end of the Bounty Program.
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Official Announcement First Phase Announcement
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Event Details

Phase I: Prologue — QuarkChain 3rd Bounty Program (Aug 13th 7:00pm PST)

Firstly register on https://bounty.quarkchain.io. Participants can earn points by completing the task on the page which will help expand influence of the ‘Game of Defi’ campaign. by completing the tasks we posted on the bounty page, thereby earning points. Later Participants will share millions of QKC based on the points.

Learn the Bounty Program Rules:

The 1st Phase of QuarkChain “Game of DeFi” Starts! Take the Challenge to Earn Millions of QKC!

QuarkChain’s 3rd Bounty Program launched today!


Phase II: Ice and Fire — 3 new DeFi products to be released

Community members will experience the 3 new DeFi products in this phase. There are three levels in the Phrase II game. We will gradually announce the rules of challenges on each level. Please stay tuned! Whether it is the last crowned king or the heroes who successfully participated in each level of the game, they are eligible to participate in the reward sharing. The size of the reward pool will expand as the number of participants increases.

Phase III: King’s Landing — 2 new DeFi products to be released

Community members will experience another 2 new DeFi products in this phase. In this phase, all participants can experience the new functions in this game. And there are also other features like better security, higher scalability, and a lower gas fee of QuarkChain’s multi-native token. Let’s explore the flexible transaction and new users’ experience of DApp with a lower gas fee than the ETH.

Terms & Conditions

As we all know, DeFi is a hot topic. QuarkChain has recognized some foreseeable deficiencies in the existing DeFi ecosystem, ranging from the major security issues to scalability challenges, low performance to high cost, etc. We aim to reshape the existing DeFi setup since its inception. The high security and low fees brought by our unique functions, multi-native token, and heterogeneous sharding technology are very suitable for the DeFi network. They give us a new opportunity to let more community members use DeFi as the entry point, and experience QuarkChain’s multi-native token auction minting and payment transaction fee functions.

Learn more about QuarkChain multi-native token:

If you have any questions, please ask in the official telegram group and the official technical forum, and staff will answer.

The official telegram group: https://t.me/quarkchainio
The official technical forum: https://community.quarkchain.io/



  • Only users registered on the QuarkChain Bounty Program official website can participate in the program. (Official website address: https://bounty.quarkchain.io) Once you participate in the program, it means that the information you provide in the registration form is true, accurate and complete.
  • All Bounty Program participants must join QuarkChain’s Telegram
  • (link: https://t.me/quarkchainio) to receive bounty rewards.
  • Participants need to use email to register on the official website.
  • All rewards will only be payable at the end of the Bounty Program.
  • QuarkChain has the right to terminate your account. If any dishonest behavior occurs, we will cancel any rewards you may generate.
  • QuarkChain reserves the right to change the rules of the Bounty Program.
  • For any questions about the Bounty Program, please email: bounty@quarkchain.org
  • Please use your own account to participate in the Bounty Program. If participants are found to use other people’s social media accounts to participate, they will be disqualified from participating and receiving rewards.

THE QUARKCHAIN BOUNTY PROGRAM IS NOT BEING OFFERED AND IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES OR ITS AFFILIATED TERRITORIES. IF YOU ARE A CITIZEN OR RESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM AND WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY REWARDS. QUARKCHAIN WILL STRICTLY ENFORCE THIS RULE VIA OUR KYC PROCEDURES. All rewards will only be payable at the end of the Bounty Program. In order to claim or receive any of the following rewards, you will be required to provide certain identifying documentation and information about yourself. Failure to provide such information or demonstrate compliance with the restrictions herein may result in forfeiture of all rewards, prohibition from participating in future QuarkChain programs, and other sanctions.