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Pontem Ambassador Program

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As Pontem is getting ready to release the first dApps for the emerging Aptos ecosystem, and wants to spread the word about the project and build loyal regional communities. Each community will be led by one or more Pontem ambassadors — and you can be one of them.

What you can do as an ambassador depends on your interests:

  • Write and translate articles for the Pontem blog (Resource Center);
  • Manage local chats and channels in your language;
  • Communicate Pontem’s news to your community and post retweets;
  • Talk about the project on social media and invite friends;
  • Organize events like AMAs, interviews, or even offline meetups;
  • If you have some IT skills, you can also help to test products, look for bugs, or offer ideas to improve the documentation.

The advantages of being a Pontem ambassador

Apart from the respect and recognition that comes with the role of a community leader, you will be the first to learn Pontem’s news and to test the new dApps. Also, you’ll receive fair rewards: in May 2022 alone, Pontem has paid the ambassadors around $740.

Note that the size of the reward depends on the task and on the quality of your work. Pontem prioritizes quality and carefully review all the content submitted by the ambassadors.

Other potential perks include exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and token allocations:

  • Funding: Early bird access to earning opportunites like bounties and token generation events.
  • Merch: First in line to get merchandise (some free based on accomplishments).
  • Get in Close circle: Access to core team members and Pontem events.

How to join

  1. Go to Pontem’s Ambassador Program page;
  2. Fill the Application Form that you’ll find on the page;
  3. Pass the quiz. It includes 14 questions on Pontem, the blockchain industry, and 3 of the recent articles. You’ll need to read the articles to complete the test.

Once you’ve submitted the form and the quiz, Pontem Ambassador Lead will be in touch by email to communicate the result.

The program quietly launched just a few weeks ago, but Pontem already has a team of active ambassadors that produce fresh content every few days. Check out the Event Calendar and see how many interesting projects you can participate in if you become an Ambassador.




Pontem Ambassador Program is officially live. Become a Pontem ambassador today to help grow the international community and receive nice bonuses for your help.

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