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Phala Network Vendetta Testnet

Phala Network Vendetta Testnet

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When it comes to 2020 we live in, there’s hardly such a drastic conflict between the people and a monarchical government. After WWI and WWII, we value peace and religious liberty as civils in most democratic countries across the world.

But the new totalitarianism is corrupting the liberty we gained through fights and feats: the monopolization of data. As the Internet magnates develop, we are handing in more and more of our data to one or two of them, willingly or unwillingly, as they are able to control more and more of our choices according to the analytics of our preferences. Websites and apps are becoming a new form of habitats where people live and communicate, while it’s occupying more and more space and time of our real lives. But can still be human and treated as human while we are nothing but 1-or-0 binaries in the databases?

Data is the crown of new emperors and queens. One who dominates the data dominates the empire. team are slaves of our own data, driven by the desire of socialization, handing in the whip — more new data — to the landlords, and will never escape from spam emails and prank calls for the rest of our lives.

Privacy maketh man. team are calling and hoping to build a network with SGX-devices, to replace databases with a decentralized confidential computing platform, to fight against the data monopoly and fight for our rights of taking back our data whenever we want.

And here comes the 1,000,000 PHA, for the opening of the revolution.


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I. 1605 Race

Vendetta is the last stage of Phala testnets, a milestone that marks Phala’s development is close to its perfection. It brings the most important function to the public: the Mining module.

On testnet Vendetta, you can register an SGX-supported device as a Computing Node (a miner) to gain PHA by offering your storage space and computing power. To practice a stress test on Phala Network, team designed this race to encourage the registration of devices.

Prize Pool Stages


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  1. Run a Phala miner node according to the tutorial.
  2. Mining points are named “Fire” and can be mined according to the mechanics written in Phala Roadmap and Phala Economics Whitepaper. One can earn Fire through simply being online or completing the computing tasks randomly distributed by Phala network. The total amount of online prizes are fixed and equally shared by all online miner, but the computing prizes will only be distributed to the task recipients according to staking amount and device scores they own. Online Prizes: Computing Prizes = 1 : 1. (If there were 100,000 Fire per day, it would be 50,000 : 50,000).
  3. Computing power points are named “Spark” and will be according to how many cores your device has. The total Spark of all devices will decide the final prize pool stage (500k/600k/700k/800k).
  4. Each time the prize pool breaks into the next stage (say, from 500k to 600k), there will be a Firedrop. The Firedrop will randomly add a certain amount of Fire to 5% of the online devices to help them increase their rankings and prize ratios.
  5. How much you can share from the final prize pool: the ratio of “the Fire you own / the total Fire of all devices”.
  6. PHA prizes of the 1605 Race will be dropped to your Phala account on pre-mainnet Darth Vader. Vendetta accounts can be migrated to pre-mainnet as well.
  7. You may set 1 Phala address as the recipient of miner profits though, each miner will need a unique Phala address accordingly as the identity of registration.


If 12,000,000 Fire were mined when the event ended and Antonia mined 60,000 Fire, and if the final prize pool were to be 800,000 PHA, she would receive 60,000 / 12,000,000 * 800,000 = 4,000 PHA.

Get Started

  1. 1605 Race Real-time Ranking: to be updated by Nov 27
  2. Miner Setup:
  3. Test token:
  4. Check your node:

Note that the network will be reset before the race starts and it will be upgraded. Please re-register your miner node after the race starts and ensure your miner node is working well and has been upgraded to the latest version.

II. GKOL Workshop

Gatekeepers (GK) are crucial to Phala Network and play crucial roles in block production and keystore management. It’s similar to Polkdaot validators but with a requirement of SGX-supported devices.

You don’t have to stake for your GK node though, you will need nomination (staking) from other users to help you pass the on-chain voting.

GK node places are limited and are unlocked phase by phase, and they will earn profits from the inflation profits of Phala network (about 5% / year). After Phala mainnet launches, there will be only 100 GKs as Phala expects.

Thus on testnet Vendetta, team are not pursuing the quantity of GKs, but the quality: how many people there are who truly recognize Phala and value Phala’s concepts and vision.

Team increased a little bit about the requirement of a GK who will be nominated and supported by Phala team to expect a group Phala believers to join and introduce Phala to more people.

Prize Pool

100,000 PHA

GK Places


Get Started

  1. Register a GK node on Phala Network (tutorials will be updated by Nov 27);
  2. Fill in this form with how you have contributed or are willing to contribute to Phala community;
  3. Submit your contribution to [email protected] when it’s closing to the end of the event;
  4. You will receive PHA prizes according to your rank.
  5. You can check all the contribution records and ranking results at

GK Ranking


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Note that on testnet Vendetta, You might not be elected as a GK even if you have successfully set up a GK node without nominations from Phala team.

Please do remember to submit your contribution and related proofs (links, screenshots, etc.) to Phala team before the end of the event or else you may not receive your ranking and PHA reward even if you were elected. And your reward will be equally shared by other GKs.

III. Phala Building Bounty

Also, team prepared gifts for geeks, artists, Youtuber, and community builders as well.

Prize Pool

100,000 PHA

How To


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  1. Go to
  2. There are several types of tasks. Each type of them is tagged with points.
  3. Create a Phala account according to this tutorial. And Comment on the Trello list with links and your Phala address. If you hope it to be private, you may send it to [email protected] Each participant shall only submit with one Phala address.
  4. Once your submission is recognized, your points will be recorded at
  5. The more points you earned, the more PHA you will receive according to the ratio of “your points/total points”.


If Antonia earned 6,000 points by the end of the event, and the total points were to be 15,000, she would receive 6,000/15,000*100,000 = 40,000 PHA.


Phala Presskit (logo, fonts, QR codes):

IV. Bug Bounty

As Vendetta is the final version of Phala testnet, it is important that all functionalities and user experience work well.

The detail of Bug Bounty will be introduced later in another doc. For now, team only accept 3 types of bug submission:


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  1. Do not reveal the problem to others until it has been resolved,
  2. Make sure that your findings are actually a bug or security vulnerability and within infrastructure and/or code repositories. Missing or misconfigured SPF, DKIM, DANE, Headers, open directories, external code, etc. do NOT qualify in 99% of cases and will be denied. Vulnerabilities where you can access servers, execute code, etc. do qualify for report submission.
  3. Do not take advantage of the vulnerability or problem you have discovered, for example by downloading more data than necessary to demonstrate the vulnerability or deleting or modifying other people’s data,
  4. Do provide sufficient information to reproduce the problem, so team will be able to resolve it as quickly as possible. Usually, the IP address or the URL of the affected system and a description of the vulnerability will be sufficient, but complex vulnerabilities may require further explanation.


Video tutorials of relevant operations will be updated soon on Youtube.

  1. Testnet Vendetta:
  2. Phala Dark Wallet:
  3. Node Setting Tutorial:
  4. Beginner Tutorial (for now):
  5. 1605 Race Ranking: TBC
  6. Vendetta Explorer (Subscan): TBC
  7. Propose your questions:

About Phala

Substrate-based confidential smart contract platform that aims to build a novel, privacy-preserving, and powerful decentralized computing network. A Web3.0 believer. Polkadot-parachain-to-be. 2 Web3 Foundation Grants: pLIBRA & W3A.



It’s time to light the fire of the liberty of data ownership. Phala names miner race on testnet Vendetta after “1605”, not only to be in memory of Guy Fawkes, but also to lead a new revolution of data protection: everyone should be able to disagree with the Privacy Policies while using apps, and cancel the authorizations that all don’t feel safe with, and discontinue the data analytics when everyone don’t want to be analyzed.

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27 Nov 2020 17:00(UTC+3) - 1 Jan 2021 17:00(UTC+3)



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