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Phala Network Testnet Vendetta

Phala Network Testnet Vendetta

    In Phala’s vision, the worldwide connection between all types of devices shall be the weapon against the centralists and monopolies who occupied the Web2.0 world. Team shall “mask” the network and cage the powers, with blockchain and confidential computing. And the most important step in this revolution is to inaugurate a hall to welcome and gather people of the same vision and build a bridge of liberated confidential computing power.

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  • Activity Type: Testing Testnet Nodes Community Mining Deploy
  • Date: 14 Nov 2020 12:00(UTC+3) - 23 Dec 2020 12:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Open
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Official Announcement
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Event details


V for Vendetta is a story of liberation, democracy, love, anti-totalitarian and ideological emancipation. It enlightened people not only with stunning imageries — dystopian talks, the explosion of House of Parliament, numerous Guy Fawkes masks, chic roses, Tchaikovsky, over 22,000 dominos — but also educated with the power of “masks”: one can only stand out and speak for his true will with a “mask” on.

New Function

On testnet Vendetta, you will be able to:

  • Deploy your device and run it as a computing node on Phala Network as part of the confidential computing cloud.
  • Mining PHA by being stably online and completing computing tasks
  • Check your mining rewards

To deploy a device on Phala right now, please refer to

Miner Support

Also, you may explore Phala Network and experience previous functionalities as follow:

Configuration of Computing Node Profits

Phala Computing Node Miners will receive two kinds of profits: online-running and computing task bounties.

In Phala Token economics, the daily prize pool for miners is fixed, among which 30% is the online-running prize pool which will be shared equally by all online miners and 50% is prepared for the miners who completed computing tasks.

Computing tasks are distributed randomly by Phala Network. Here are the factors that may affect your profits:

  • CPU Points(mainly related to how many cores are enabled)
  • Miner stakes
  • Total online running time
  • Historical slash records

And you may refer to the table down below to prepare your hardware:


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  • Nov 14 ~ Dec 22:Open testing (non-incentivized)
  • Nov 23 ~ Dec 23:The “1605” Miner Race & Vendetta Incentive Program
  • Dec 23 ~ Jan 23, 2021:Reward distribution and closing affairs of the program


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Here are a few tips you might need:

  1. Phala will automatically stake a basic amount of tPHA for each miner on testnet Vendetta to lower the entrance threshold and encourage massive participation.
  2. To score a higher rank in the miner race, you may add stakes to your miner. Tutorials will be published with the launch of the event.
  3. Unlike before, to claim test tokens on Vendetta, you will need to swap tPHAs by burning ERC20 PHA. 0.1 ERC20 PHA = 100 tPHA. tPHA can not be exchanged back to ERC20 PHA.
  4. Testnet data will be reset before the launch of the miner race. It is not suggested to earn too much tPHA by burning ERC20 PHA. 100 tPHA should be enough for basic operation.