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Patex Incentivized Campaign

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PATEX - is the first blockchain ecosystem targeting Latin America, a region with 670M+ people and a $5.5 trillion GDP.

Main conditions of retrodrop campaign:

  1. Transaction Count
  2. Transaction Volume 
  3. Wallet Activity Duration 
  4. ETH Balance on Patex Network Before Snapshot 
  5. Invited Referrals in Mining/Proof of Value 
  6. Referrals' Transactions in Mining/Proof of Value 
  7. Interactions with ETH Converter 
  8. Volume of Converted ETH via ETH Converter 
  9. Proof of Value Activation 
  10. Zealy Campaign

*Additional activities can be included in the conditions of campaign. 

IMPORTANT: to add information from yourself, so that users show different activity on project, not only according to the instructions.

Also you should know, that the reverse withdrawal function from the network is already in development and will be available very soon.

Dates and deadlines:

Like any retrodrop, Patex plans to do a drop 1 day before or on the day of listing. Patex is currently in the process of agreements with Tier 1 exchanges, so dates and timelines will be determined a bit later. Approximately it will be spring 2024 (сan be change upon to the market conditions).


Patex is allocating a prize pool from the marketing part of tokenomics. Given that Patex is actively marketing the project, they can't give an exact amount yet, but it will be a good reward for everyone who becomes a real part of the project. Also this will depend on the level of activity and number of participants. 

Additional tech information

How to use Proof of Value and ETH Converter

Proof of Value ( is a community reward system that allows users to receive rewards in PATEX tokens for the activity within Patex Network. Activity refers to any type of transaction recorded on the blockchain. 

How does it work? 
1. The user connects his wallet to and activates "Proof of Value" in personal cabinet (
2. The user performs a transaction of any type, which is recorded in the blockchain.
3. A reward of 0.0521 PATEX is shared between all creators of transactions in each block in proportion to the number of transactions. In other words, each block has a reward of 0.0521 PATEX, and this reward is shared equally between all the transactions in that block. 
4. Once per 8640  blocks, all rewards are credited, and the user can claim the reward (PATEX tokens) in personal cabinet.

Also, this feature includes "Invite System". Invite System is a referral system that allows anyone who invites a new member to Proof of Value to receive 20% of the invitee's activity. This reward can also be claimed in user's personal cabinet ( More info about Invite System - here.

ETH Converter allows users to transfer ETH from Ethereum/Sepolia Testnet to Patex Network Mainnet/Testnet. 

How does it work? 
1. The user connects his wallet to and goes to the "ETH Converter" tab in personal cabinet ( .
2. Choose Mainnet or Testnet
3. Enter ETH amount to convert from L1(Ethereum/Sepolia Testnet)  to L2 (Patex Network/Patex Network Testnet), the amount will be converted to the same address but in L2
4. Press the "Convert" button and approve the transaction with their wallet
5. Receive ETH on L2 (Patex Network/Patex Network Testnet)




Patex has announced the launch of its classic retrodrop for Web3 users in Q1 2024.

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from 1 Jan 2024 06:00(UTC+3)



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