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ParaState Public Testnet “Plato”

ParaState Public Testnet “Plato”

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Over a year ago, team began working on one of the most ambitious blockchain challenges to date. After almost five years of development, today Ethereum is still the №1 public blockchain with the most applications deploying on it, even while it is running with limited performance and unsecured programming languages. While new highly optimized protocols have been released, the adoption so far is limited. That’s why every public blockchain is trying to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem.

While supporting the EVM pallet to provide seamless compatibility with all existing Ethereum applications, ParaState also provides developers with a next-gen smart contract implementation environment, EWASM (Ethereum-flavored WebAssembly). These two infrastructures are ensured to talk to each other and share the same account system on ParaState. This is the differentiation ParaState provides to the developer community, to enable them to surf in the highly optimized industrial standard infrastructure while exploring brand new possibilities at the Ethereum frontier. The EWASM is an Ethereum Foundation roadmap published in early 2019. They have fulfilled it in advance driven by internal development team.

ParaState is prioritizing and emphasizing fast execution and delivery of novel research on production while committing to radical transparency and open-source values on development journey.


Team has decided to name Public Testnet after the ancient Greek philosopher “Plato”. The idea was inspired by the Platonic Academy. The Platonic Academy was the famous advocate of Academic Skepticism. They want to deliver the main thesis: Don’t trust, Verify it, to the whole community during testnet warm-up period, those who are going to interact with testnet.

Team will also releases more information about incentivised TestNet program “Polis”. There are still a few rough edges and bugs identified, but it works as expected. They are incentivising reporting bug reports and feedback to help guide improvements. The main objective is to identify any system, and operational design required improvements by inviting developers and community members to stress-test the network via various performance-based challenges.

Plato Testnet phases:

  • Phase 1 (March 15–21): Closed Internal Testing
  • Phase 2 (March 22 — April 11) Open for community members and developers to provide feedback & Release of Polis incentivised testnet
  • Phase 3 (April 11 — until required): Identical to mainnet configuration with testnet token to mainnet conversion to attract developers ready to launch with ParaState
  • Phase 4: Mainnet launch with a future rolling upgrade from the testnet

To date, Parastate is the only Polkadot Parachain to successfully implement a fully operational EWASM that is ready for public launch. ParaState brings Ethereum protocol support to the Substrate ecosystem. While it is backwards compatible with today’s EVM applications, it future-proofs the Ethereum protocol by bringing the LLVM and WebAssembly developer communities into the Polkadot ecosystem. It is your best choice among one-stop development platforms for next-gen Web3 applications. It is Ethereum on Steroids.

Whether you are a community member, ambassador, Polkadot user, Substrate or Solidity developer, decentralized app, or staking service, team looks forward to engaging you (get in touch: [email protected]).

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Plato Testnet is the first major milestone for Parastate - and a huge step closer to mainnet with rewards.

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22 Mar 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 11 Apr 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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