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ParallelChain Ambassador Program

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As a ParallelChain ambassador, you will be awarded points* when you complete tasks that help grow the community. You can choose to accumulate these points to reach the next ambassador tier, or you can redeem them for XPLL tokens with 1 point being equivalent to US$1 worth of XPLL tokens.

Points will be deducted from your accumulated total when you redeem points for XPLL tokens, and you will move down the tier if your remaining points do not match the required points for the particular tier. Ambassadors can complete any of the following tasks to earn points*.

*Subject to ParallelChain Lab’s assessment and decision

How do I sign up as a ParallelChain Ambassador?

To start your journey as a ParallelChain Ambassador, simply go to the webpage here and press the “Join Us” button to create an ambassador account.

How are the ambassadors chosen from the pool of registrants?

The good thing about the programme is, everyone is eligible to be an ambassador. Once you have registered, you can start on any of the following activities. Submit the results, and points will be rewarded based on the team's evaluation.

  1. Create content in your local language about ParallelChain
  2. Create infographics about ParallelChain
  3. Join events such as AMAs, Reddit Discussions, and Twitter Spaces to discuss ParallelChain
  4. Complete regular ad-hoc challenges set by the team
  5. Connect ParallelChain with Layer 2 projects and other protocols for partnerships
  6. Organise in-person events promoting ParallelChain in your region

How does the task submission work?

Once you submit a task on the Discord, the team will review it to ensure its quality. Once it has been verified, you will be awarded the relevant points.

Where can I submit my completed tasks to earn points?

You can submit your tasks in the “#🎫┃submit-tasks” channel on the Discord server. 

How can I check on the number of points I have at the moment, and how long will it take to receive new points?

You can go to the Discord server and find the “#✔┃check-points” tab and type the command “/points” to check your accumulated ambassador points. Your points will be updated at the beginning of each week.

How can I utilise my points?

Points will elevate you to higher tiers which makes you eligible to receive more rewards. Points can also be redeemed for XPLL tokens.

How much XPLL tokens can I receive for every point, and is there a minimum number of points I need to accumulate before I am able to redeem them?

Each point can be redeemed for $1 worth of XPLL token (subject to adjustment), and you will need to accumulate at least 500 points before you can start redeeming your points for XPLL tokens.

I have already accumulated 500 points. If I redeem them now, when will I receive my XPLL tokens?

If you have accumulated enough points before the launch of ParallelChain Mainnet, you can start redeeming the tokens but they will only be issued after the launch of the network.

What is the Ambassador leaderboard and where can I view it?

The Ambassador leaderboard recognises our top ambassadors who contribute to the community on a regular basis, and the points of the top 30 contributors are displayed on the board. The leaderboard is updated weekly, so check back every week on the webpage here to see the latest ambassadors that made the list.

Who can I reach out to for assistance?

If you have any questions about the ParallelChain Ambassador Programme, you can reach out to us in the #ambassador-chat in the ParallelChain Discord server, and the team will get back to you.

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Beсome part of the ParallelChain ecosystem and the future of Web3 today. If you are a highly active and passionate individual who believes that you can help with the development of the ParallelChain blockchain, you are welcomed as an ambassador.

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from 17 Jan 2023 18:23(UTC+3)



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