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Parallel Network Early Access Testnet

Parallel Network Early Access Testnet

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Explore the first omni-chain L2 with unified liquidity, native yield, NFT yield, restaking, and more.

Use the testnet now:

Parallel Network designed an innovative UI/UX to make the omni-chain lending process easier, faster, and more intuitive. Once you're on the testnet, click on "Apps" to view all of Parallel's apps. From there, you can view your wallet, lending, airdrop, and more.


On Goerli, head over to the Wallet app to see your ERC-20 and ERC-721 balance. Click on 'get test tokens' to receive various ERC-20 and ERC-721s to utilize on the testnet.


Once you've received test tokens, head over to the Lending app and supply some tokens. Once you've supplied some tokens, you can borrow against your collateral.



Next, go to the Parallel app and head to the Airdrop app. Enter the initial code 'PARAL' and finish the Airdrop steps. Once finished, go to My Team to copy your code. Invite your friends to participate and earn points!

6/ To bridge ETH to Parallel's testnet, you first need Sepolia ETH. Once you have Sepolia ETH, you can use the testnet bridge: … Find the testnet RPC and other information at:… Once you have ETH, you can explore the same as Goerli.


The testnet is designed to give you a better idea of our app, allowing you to optimize your strategy and maximize your opportunity. We've also redesigned our website, which you can test here:

By participating in Early Access, Parallel users will earn up to six sources of yield + incentives:  

  • ETH Staking APR  
  • Restaking APR  
  • EigenLayer Points  
  • Liquid Restaking Token Points  
  • Parallel Diamonds  
  • Additional Parallel
  • Partner Bonuses


On top of the yield + incentives, Parallel users will also have the opportunity to collect Parallel Points and Diamonds. Points earned through lending and Diamonds earned through Early Access can be redeemed in the future for Parallel governance tokens.


The Early Access testnet marks Parallel's first step in achieving omni-chain liquidity for all users and across all chains.




The Parallel Network Early Access testnet is now open.

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from 6 Mar 2024 22:04(UTC+3)



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