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Over the past two-plus years, the PancakeSwap community has flourished thanks to the hard work and commitment of its beloved admins. However, as the project strives to continually enhance its services and provide even more value to its users, PancakeSwap recognizes that it’s time for a change. That’s why PancakeSwap has introduced the Ambassadors Program.

This program is designed to bring the community together and empower the users to represent PancakeSwap in their local regions. The goal is to strengthen its community, increase PancakeSwap’s awareness, and provide more opportunities for the users to get involved.

The Ambassador Program is organized into several categories to ensure that PancakeSwap ambassadors have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

No matter if you aspire to build a strong community, create engaging content, translate, or represent PancakeSwap in your region, there’s a role for everyone.

Roles include:

  • Community Moderators
  • Translators
  • Content Creators
  • Event Organizers/Local Representatives

PancakeSwap ambassadors will be equipped with the necessary tools and resources they need to succeed, and will also receive rewards for their contributions and efforts. The program is accessible to everyone.

A little more detail about these first two categories to launch:

Community Moderation:

As you may know, the PancakeSwap community extends across several platforms, including Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.We want to invite people who wish to participate as moderators of these communities to join the PancakeSwap family.

Community Moderators will help to manage and moderate PancakeSwap’s various social media channels and online communities, ensuring that users have a positive and engaging experience.

More detailed information can be found here.


In order to truly reach and engage with the diverse global community, the team understands the importance of offering their articles and resources in multiple languages.

Whether it’s translating blog posts, social media updates, or community events, PancakeSwap ambassadors will ensure that the PancakeSwap messages and initiatives are accurately and effectively communicated to users in their respective regions.

How do I become a PancakeSwap Ambassador?

PancakeSwap has an application form for each category, which you must fill out with your verifiable and reliable information.

You can find the links here:

What is the process to become a PancakeSwap Ambassador?

Following the announcement of this program, PancakeSwap will take some time to evaluate the applications submitted and coordinate interviews with the candidates.

Please note: Due to the number of requests, this process may take some time. If you are pre-selected to participate in the interviews, you will be contacted by us through official channels.

DO NOT accept any communication that does not come from other means.

Point of Contact:

PancakeSwap believes that its Ambassador Program will bring the community closer together and help the project reach new heights. 


The FAQs page about the Ambassador Program






PancakeSwap launches Ambassadors Program. Join the Team and Help Shape the Future of DeFi.

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