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PancakeSwap Ambassador Program: Introducing Pancake Lords

PancakeSwap Ambassador Program: Introducing Pancake Lords

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It's been a whole journey since the inception of the PancakeSwap Ambassador Program, where was introduced the Pancake Masters— devoted PancakeSwap enthusiasts who diligently moderate PancakeSwap communities and translate content into various languages.

Since then, the program has seen substantial growth:

  • Over 30 active ambassadors
  • Presence on key platforms: Telegram, Discord, and Reddit
  • 15 Telegram communities catering to diverse languages
  • Translation of over 1,900 articles on the blog

As time progresses, PancakeSwap recognizes the importance of empowering the community further.

PancakeSwap Content Creators — Pancake Lords: Your Guide to All Thing PancakeSwap

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PancakeSwap introduced Pancake Lords, a dedicated team of enthusiasts passionate about educating, engaging, and empowering the community.

Here's a glimpse of what they do:

  • Content Creation and Education: Craft clear, concise guides on navigating PancakeSwap and produce educational content on DeFi and cryptocurrencies.
  • Visual Communication: Create engaging infographics to simplify complex information related to PancakeSwap.
  • Community Engagement: Maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep the community informed and engaged with regular updates.
  • Promotion and Events: Host events like Ask Me Anything (AMAs) to foster community interaction and engagement.
  • User Interaction and Storytelling: Actively engage with the community by sharing success stories and fostering user interaction.

Benefits of Being a Pancake Lord:

  • Official Recognition: Receive acknowledgment through the official social channels.
  • Golden Kitchen Pass: Enjoy exclusive monthly calls with PancakeSwap's core team, providing early updates and opportunities to share insights.
  • Exclusive Access: Participate in special events and access new products and services early.
  • Enhanced Networking: Connect with key players in the DeFi space and stay updated on industry trends.

Want to Become a Pancake Lord? Here’s How:

If you're passionate about becoming one of PancakeSwap’s elite content creators, the project invites you to apply through the community application form.

Application Process:

  • Phase One (July 1st - July 14th): Submit your application during this period.
  • Phase Two (July 15th - July 21st): Onboard new ambassadors and provide guidelines.
  • Phase Three (July 22nd onwards): Launch the new Pancake Lords into action.

Whether you’re creating content, engaging in community discussions, or exploring PancakeSwap’s features, there are many ways to contribute.



The PancakeSwap Ambassador Program is growing: Pancake Lords are top content creators delivering the best guides, updates, and community engagement.

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